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Cutting Advice, Clen/T3/Ketotifen


Maybe someone could help me out here.

I'm 23, been training for 3/4 years.
I'm currently hovering around 99kg, 18% BF.

I was over 20st at my biggest, 35% BF - proper fat bastard stuff...

Now that I'm getting sub 20's in my BF, its getting harder to reveal the steel... so to speak.

I've built up some good training/diet knowledge over the years but I've come to a sticking point.

All my fat is accumulated around my gut, I'm fairly vascular on my arms and can see veins on my calfs.
My waist is 36 inches, and does my fucking nut in.
I've had blood tests done to check my estrogen and test levels, they came back fine.

At the moment I'm doing 50mins/1 hr cardio, 6 mornings a week and a 4 day split for my weight training.
Cardio is done on an empty stomach, slow steady state on a crosstrainer, usually around 800-900kcals a session.
Weights are done evenings/weekends, around 50mins/1hr give or take.
monday - legs, tuesday - shoulders/traps, thursday - back & tri's, friday - chest & bi's.


6am coffee
7.20am - cardio. 3 scoops of scivation xtend.
9am post cardio - 70grams of oats, 45grams reflex microwhey. 3 or 4 omega 3's.
11am - salmon fillet, veg soup(homemade). animal flex.
2pm - 200grams chicken & more veg soup.
5pm - 70grams of brown rice with chicken/prawns/tuna etc, clean lean protein. animal pak.
7pm - weights, 3 scoops of scivation xtend.
post workout - another portion of microwhey/mixed with oats if I have them with me
8.30pm - steak/chicken/turkey/omelette maybe some potatoes if I had no oats post post workout just to get some carbs in.
before bed - O.N. casein shake + 10-15ml of udos oil

rough estimate of around 2200kcals daily.

I've taken ECA's in the past, they served their purpose and got me though a sticking point.
This time I'm thinking I might give the Clen/T3/Ketotifen combo a go.

I've done some research on this, on here and elsewhere and I've come to the conclusion that the pros will out whey the cons.

A 6 week cycle is what I plan on doing, which is where the ketotifen comes in.
I had a good read of Cy Willson's "On" diet, I had something similar planned while I was on the clen.

Any advice or help would be appreciated.