Cutting A-S Gear with Grape Seed Oil

I have some AS Gear and want to cut it due to the high % of BA. I have read a lot of ratio’s and ways to do this correctly. I haven’t found one on T-Nation though. I am looking for some of my fellow T-Nation guys to help me with this.

  1. I will use Grape Seed Oil.
  2. It will be USP filtered
  3. I will filter it anyways just to be safe.
  4. Example, I will either use 1.5ml of Test E with .5ml Grape-Seed oil. (Then add Oil if needed)
    or Example, I will just use a 1:1 ratio of Test and Oil

Can anyone help me with this a-little?

Put the oil into a sealed vial before filtering or anything. Put the oil filled vial in boiling water for two hours (place it so the vial is sitting upright, don’t let the vial float around in a pot of boiling water). Mix the GSO into the UGL gear. Then, filter the combined oils into a new sterile vial. That way, you filter the GSO and UGL gear.

Yep, and remember that if you go 1:1, that your dose will be cut by half.

Wow, I am glad I talked with you guys on here. My original plan was to draw up my Test then draw up some sterile grape seed oil then inject. So, I take it this isn’t what I should do, but I should combine the 2 oils?