Cutting a Cycle Short

Due to my work I will cut this cycle short at around the 9th week Tis the season< I figure I should cut it short and concentrate on maintaining gains instead of continuing while work schedule is crazy .I have done 3 weeks of Dbol 30mg/day to kick start the cycle initialy and I have done some anadrol 50 10 days at 100mg that was over a month ago … I have been doing 250mg test E twice a week every Mon and fri injections never more than two days off of that schedule.

I have clomid Nolva but I am considering the test taper … I also understand that at 500mg a week it shouldnt take 100mg for 6 weeks and then a taper of 90 - 80 - 70 - ect for the next 6 weeks … what would be a good taper for a cycle to start a taper in the 9th week that has been 500mg /week?

I have 500 tabs of clenbuterol 20mcg each.
I am 40 yrs old 5 ft 9 225 have gained 25 pounds I was heavier but with work cals are hard to keep up.

2nd question will muscle memory apply after a cycle??
If yes would that apply only when the harmone levels are at the same level as in the previous cycle?

If you are interested in keeping your gains I would advise against using the clenbuterol in the near future. Using the test taper at this point would be best IMHO. I would use 5 weeks at 100mg and then another 5 weeks to drop your test to 25mg/week with the last shot. I have used this exact taper before coming off a slightly higher amount of test and was very pleased.

As far as your second question I really don’t know what you are asking…