Cutting 7 Weeks Before Going Home

hey guys, well i been working out constitanly for a yr now(been deployed to afghanistan) and I’m supposed to be home in 7 weeks and i want to get the rest of this fat off. my current stats are… 5’10" 198lbs 13.83bf%, what is the best work out for me to do soo, I have already cut my calorie’s down 500 i do HIIT 3-4 days a week at 20 mins/day first thing in the am. I’m taking lipo 6 right now along with vitrix(read testostrone promotes fat loss)

id like to get down to 10-12 percent, is it possible? if soo what do u guys recommend FBW or split?

It looks like what your doing right now should get you down there in time, FBW in my opinion would burn more weight but hey, everyone has an opinion on that. HIIT is a great workout that I personnally have lost a lot of weight on.