Cutting 6% BF in 5 Weeks

It’s just a reminder that killing myself with really low calories is not needed. But I don’t think it’s common sense. If someone didn’t know better, looking at a diet at just 500 calories over maintenance with 4k calories with limited activity (lifting only and activity just doing daily things ie. things “normal” people would do in a day) and looking at a diet with 5k calories with a lot of sprint work might just look like someone is trying to improve speed and build muscle at the same time. Hell, that’s what I use to think!

Well you know usually people will take a week or so “off” after a bulk. Lower intensity and volume so the muscles can kind of “catch up” and the most amount of muscle can be accumulated. The thing is, I’ve only been bulking for about 6 weeks compared to 10-12 so I think both of you are right in different situations.

Dropping from 3600 to 2300 calories that quickly at 6’8 is a surefire way to fail.

I probably should have read the thread a little more thoroughly before posting. I agree with everyone who says dropping from 3600 to 2300 is a bad idea. As has been suggested, less carbs, more fat, increase activity level and make adjustments. Losing 15 lbs of fat in 5 weeks is aggressive given that you’re not obese. So, do your best and have fun, whether at 10% or 13%.

Fwiw, if I ever decide to “cut,” which seems ridiculous given my weight, I’ll probably use some combination of CT’s Destroying Fat and Metabolic Pairings since both are written with an angle of retaining muscle.

At 6’8 and your weight dude, I don’t know how you’re going to loose that much weight and it not be mostly muscle tissue. How much fat can you even have on your body???

If you think you’re smooth looking, it’s most likely related to lack of muscle development not fat. Get on a test booster and lift your ass off for the 5 weeks instead. I’ve been on T-Bomb, creatine, amino acids, and protein for last month and put on a good 10 lbs, from 190 to 200 and look twice as ripped and v shaped.

For the record, I am not 6’8" lol. I’m about 5’11ish. I said 6’8" because of some guy up there bein a wise ass asking if I was 5’7".

haha well I guess that changes everything I’ll have to read closer next time. Even at 5’11, I would honestly not worry about body fat at that weight. I think you would be much happier with the results from a strict diet and hardcore lifting. I’ve seens chicks oogle over a 230 muscle bound guy with 20%bf and ignore the small, “ripped” guy. Put on some pounds!!

Women love ALPHA MALES!!! w00t

230 with 20% is pretty fat actually.

He was likely closer to 10-15%.

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Read the G-flux series from Berardi.

While a good read, G-flux is mostly common sense. If you eat a lot and exercise a ton, you’ll look good - the issue for most people is that one needs a lot of free time for exercise and extra sleep that would be necessary to recover.

So is “calories in > calories out = weight gain” but that seems to be lost.

He’s got five weeks. If he trains dilligently over the next five weeks, he’s not going to overtrain. Plus, he’ll have a whole week of fucking around on spring break right after.

As for cutting after a bulk, I see no reason that one would lose lots of muscle relative to bodyfat. Who says this? I guess it depends what a “cut” is defined as, but replacing carbs with fat, steadily dropping the cals (I agree drastic reduction could be harmful) and following an intelligent training plan should allow one to lose bodyfat and preserve muscle regardless of what was being done before.[/quote]

I said if you cut RIGHT after a bulk, which is exactly what he said he wanted to do, he’ll lose his muscle.

He could sustain muscle mass, but who knows he might lose half of it.

I say some before and after photos are needed for this case along with a workout log.

Log is posted in the training log section. I also tried to upload a pic and it didn’t work for whatever reason.

The slower you come down, the better your chances for keeping most of your lean mass.

[quote]Rhino Jockey wrote:
The slower you come down, the better your chances for keeping most of your lean mass.[/quote]

15lbs in five weeks is very aggressive.

I’m aware. My bulk was scheduled to go until spring break. Then my cut was anywhere from 8-10 weeks. This was planned well before this trip came about.

I really like lifting but I LOVE women and I am NOT about to be fat over spring break when guys are the minority of the group haha.