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Cutting 6% BF in 5 Weeks


Well I just found out that I could be hitting the beach in 5 weeks. I was in the middle of a bulking stage buuuuuuuut I just found out I will be going with a few female friends of mine to Panama Beach. I'm very dedicated to lifting and nutrition (I have a running log on here) and am willing to do what it takes to do this. I want to hit 10% bf in 5 weeks (I was bulking because I thought I was skinny fat and have managed to put on about 8lbs of muscle on a guess).

I plan on cutting calories from 3600 down to 2300 or thereabouts (unless smarter people suggest otherwise) and using 20% fat 40% protein and carbs. Low-carbing is an option too. I plan on using LISS cardio twice a day after waking and post workout. Metabolism is pretty fast. Green tea, creatine, ZMA will be consumed.

Does this sound alright? If not, I'm open to any and all suggestions.


EDIT: I'm at 191lbs and 10% bf would be at about 176lbs. I know I'm small but I don't aspire to be big.


epic fail


Thanks for the support.

I've seen it happen on the Velocity Diet so I'm confident it's possible. Dedication is not an issue.


Im on V-Diet and I have lost 24 lbs in under 5 weeks.
You could take it that way, go the liquid but nutrition filled way out...Its tough but it works.


Then again I started a bit heavier then you.
I was 266 Im now at about 240 I started at 18% BF and Im now at about 13-14% (Measurement on Sat.)


Damn man congrats! That's some damn good progress.

I'd love to do it but I can't afford the protein and other supplements. Food is on my uncle right now as I don't have much money. I've already talked to him about a future V-Diet and he was toooooooootally against it. Claims it would put me in the hospital blah blah blah. Refused to look at this site as well.

Plus, I would only need to lose 15lbs compared to your 26. I know I am smaller and it would probably be hard for me to lose that 15, but I'm pretty sure I could make that happen.


I would go 40 on the fat and 20 on the carbs. No reason to have that many carbs if you are really trying to cut. I don't see you losing much bf with that many carbs.

2300 cals seems too low IMO. How much weight were you gaining on a weekly basis at 3600 cals? Just estimate if you don't know.


You're like 5'7", right??


I plateaued with that amount and planned to increase it to about 4000. I was gaining about a half lb a week for a few weeks just to stay as lean as possible.




seriously ?

If you anywhere over 6 foot 190 is down right anorexic.

At 6'8 and 176 your just going to earn yourself a free trip to the hospital for malnourishment.




At three pounds a week I suspect you will loose any recent muscle & strength gains and loose a bit of what you started with. However...if you insist 'waylanderxx' has some very valid points. 2,300 is only 12cal/perlb BW. IMO you should start at 15(2,865) and reduce it a bit each week spending the last 10 - 14 days at about 2,300(no less). You should also consider the advice about your carb level. If you don't tolerate carbs well and/or your choices are high glycemic your progress will be constipated at best. You may also consider something like (MHP Xpel) for the last five to seven days-(follow the instructions). I have great results with this products, but there are others that are just as good.


Just a question which is a bit off topic but in the v-diet calories are much much lower than what you all are talking about, why is it alright in the v-diet to have calories so low? I just want to know for general knowledge sakes.



Thanks Blue. My carbs come from pasta and oats right now and the only high GI carbs I take it right now are PWO. I'll look into that product. Thanks again.


IMO, since you're "bulking" and you're not going to do a maintenance phase no matter what we tell you, I would do an anabolic diet type thing.

I would lower cals VERY marginally, like, keep calories at 3300cals a day, and increase my calorie expenditure. If you lower calories too much too quickly, you're going to lose more than just fat.

As for macro's, I'd keep carbs low on off days and moderate on workout days, and increase protein and fat intake.

I would just try to increase NEPA, add a conditioning session or two a week, and take some HRX.


Yeah NEPA is definitely not an issue. It's over a mile walk to campus and I'm constantly walking cross campus to classes.

Gonna low carb it for sure. Lowered calories to about 3200 today since 3000 was standard. Gonna hit 2500 by next week some time and gonna hope this works. Thanks guys. Anymore input is welcome.


Read the G-flux series from Berardi.

I honestly think you'd be happier with your results, both short term (within the next 5 weeks) and long term (after your spring break is over) when you're big and lean, rather than small and not lean which is what happens when you cut right after a bulk.


Great idea. I didn't think of that. Thanks!


While a good read, G-flux is mostly common sense. If you eat a lot and exercise a ton, you'll look good - the issue for most people is that one needs a lot of free time for exercise and extra sleep that would be necessary to recover.

As for cutting after a bulk, I see no reason that one would lose lots of muscle relative to bodyfat. Who says this? I guess it depends what a "cut" is defined as, but replacing carbs with fat, steadily dropping the cals (I agree drastic reduction could be harmful) and following an intelligent training plan should allow one to lose bodyfat and preserve muscle regardless of what was being done before.