Cutting 15 Pounds in 8 Weeks


I am entering my first grappling tournament on july 26th. I am currently 160 pounds 10-11% b.f and would like to enter the 147 pound and under weight class preferably without having to result to water loss due to the fact that the weigh in is an hour before the matches.

For the last 2 weeks I have made the transition to a clean 2,000 calorie diet (50% carbs 35% protein 15% fat) eating 8 times (every 2.5 hrs) only consuming high glycemic carbs post workout.

while the ideal goal will be to reach the weight a few days before the competition I would like to ask for any suggestions. I realize i have a lot of time to do this and I have come up somewhat of a plan eating around 1,500 calories but am unsure on the ratios of carbs, proteins and fat i should implement.

i am quite active and figure i burn about 2,500-3,000 calories on workout days and 2,000 on non workout days

i have quite a few supplements to work with to aid in maintaining my muscle mass and include

muscle armor
whey protein
cassein protein
allmax rapid cuts

any help would be much appreciated.

thank you


note: i have been using creatine ethyl ester for the last 10 weeks. could this be making me retain any ammount of water weight if so how much on average.

your kcals are bout right on. Take it nice and slow with the diet. dont be in a hurry to drop kcals any lower. Keep lifting hard and heavy as well. I would recommend possibly changing your macro ratio to 40/40/20 to gain a bit more protein. This again depends on your body type as I am more carb tolerant than most.

As far as the CEE, drop it. Its junk. grab some plain old creatine mono, like the one sold here on T-Nation.

What’s with all the carbs dude? You will drop 5 pounds within a couple days of cutting those out.

I agree, cycle your carbs or drop some.