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I have never ran a cut cycle. I have run many bulkers in the past and I seem to keep BF% around 12 to 15%. I've been reading up on older cutting posts both here and else where looking at different profiles. My goal is to get into the single digits, and hopefully stay there, but my metabolism is very slow. I have been reading up on Dr. Lonnie Lowery and I have started changing my diet, with more carbs in the morning, less carbs in the evening. I have dropped about 9 pounds in 8 weeks after changing my carb intake. I am coasting now as far as workouts are concerned because I am nursing a shoulder problem, not major. I've just reduced the weight. I've increase my cardio due to the injury as well. To my question:

What is the best cut cycle you have run? Any and all thoughts are welcome.

Thanks for your time,



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What up bushy,

Yeah I know. It is working so far my BF% is dropping thanks to upping my cardio and going with some higher reps. Diet is everything. Its amazing how just a simple tweak in carbs changes so much. My protien intake is still very high and I feel great. I'm just researching now.



I like a straight up var.I also got good results with winny.Clen always fucked me up with bad sides,thats just me.Hell it made me feel like i had pussy crickets.Just kidding man.hope i helped some.

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Bump bushy's anthem to diet and training.

My opinion - short estered test (propionate) and tren. Or prop and masteron.


You need to recognize when you stand before greatness. If you don't have proper diet and training along with the discipline factor,that stuff won't work.

Giveing credit where it's due


Prop, Masteron,Tren combo will do you good. I always throw in some clen or an ECA sup with it.

T-Prop @ 75mg/day
Masteron @ 75mg/day
Tren A @ 75mg/day

You will see good results from this if your bf% is already low.


JW,Could you post your diet?I'm in the military and really need some help cutting.The military thinks everyone should be a skinny bastard.I'm 5'11 and weigh 220.My BF%is about 20% right now.They will really harass the shit out of weightlifters because they just don't understand.My weight according to them should be 185@ 5'11.Any advice to what you are eating or what kind of diet you are using would be helpful.I really just wanna lose slow and keep as much mass as possible.Thanx in advance!!


I know. I was in the Army and they go off of your height, which is total bullshit. If you have lifted in the past and have some decent size, they say your overweight, but you BF % could be under 9%.

Back in those days I would just throw up the guns and say "Do you see any fucking fat? I max out all PT tests too you skinny bitches". Then the harassment stops. You need to do the same.

According to them I was supposed to be around 220 at 6'2, but I was around 240 then. I was in the best shape off my life but I was in the 82nd Airborne and we ran about 4 miles min. everyday. I loved to run, but I have had 2 knee surgerys that fucked that up. Precorp elliptical is the only way to go if you suffer from joint pain. I bought one of their home models and its a good investment.

A diet high in protien for me is best. Really and truly I just eat a ton of meat and veggies with the lower carb veggies in the evenings. I have one serving of oatmeal in the morning with either chopped banana or chopped strawberries. I still drink 3 protien shakes a day that are low in fat and carbs. Metabolic Drive from Biotest taste the best to me. I take animal paks everyday.

Creatine after workouts. I use Spike in the mornings with some coffee. I have also been using Carbolin 19 as reccomended.

Hope I helped and hang in there.



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JW,Do you know if PH are allowed in the army?


I doubt it.

I knew some guys that were on test cyp cycles when I was in the service. We were tested all the time. Once someone got popped in a platoon in my company for cocaine. We were all tested about every 3 weeks for a good while. No issues with the guys that were using the test only cycles. They kept going and never worried about it. Everybody knew the were on gear.

Were they testing for roids then? I know they were not.

Are they today? I doubt it just because of the cost involved, but don't start stabbing neddles in your ass. Try to get close to some of the medics in you area and ask them. I was close to the medics because they would rotate from platoon to platoon, but we were close because of war. It may be a different enviornment with you.

2 cents,



I'm thinking the same thing about costing them too much.I really think they only test pot,cocaine and stuff like that.The military is way too cheap to be testing for AAS or PH.


I wouldn't say the military is cheap. Now that steroids is in the news just about everyday, the mind-set of Uncle Sam may have changed. You never know.



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Yall have a good one.


I used while in the Marine Corps, I ran cycles and had numerous tests. Never poped positive. I talked to a Corpsman and he explained that the tests ran didn't detect AAS. Hell I was on a gram of gear and never poped. I was on a very small base of about 250 Marines and I would guess that they could afford to test evey sample. Just my 2cc's.


I like to run :
500 to 750 mg Test E. a week
50mgs Anavar E/D
40 to 100mcg clen E/D for 14 days
ECA Stack for 14 days while cycling off Clen

The longer you run the Anavar the less you can use and the better it will work.




Excuse the ignorance - but I noticed you run Test E when most others recommend a shorter ester eg Test Prop.

Can anyone explain the difference in a cutting cycle? Why the preference for the shorter ester?