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Cutler Classic 2010 (Pics on Page 5)

Hey Guys. I have been a long time reader on this site. I was Immense, but my password no longer works, so I created a new name. I competed in my first show in July, in the NPC Northeastern Grand Prix, placing third in the Open Heavyweight Division. I weighed in at 203lbs. at 5’9. It was my first show and I’m just looking for a little constructive criticism from forums that I have grown to respect. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have. So let me have it!!

This first picture is just before I stepped on stage. We went through four rotations, as my class was the deepest and most competitive.

EDIT: There are more pics of my current contest prep on the last pages

back pic after prejudging

back double bi, after prejudging

side relaxed during prejudging

front lat spread during prejudging

rear lat spread during prejudging

side tricep during prejudging

dont know what this pose is, before the night show

relaxed in the room

most muscular during my posing routine

after the show in the parking lot

I guess my own feedback would be I need to be more consistent with my leg training. Also, I need my posing to be better and a bit better condition. The judges basically gave me those latter critiques. The leg one is my own.

Fuck yea dude looking great. Awesome delts and back. Impressive as hell

Heres some things I noticed:

Not lean enough(for stage). Not much definition/seperation in outer arms. Hammies and glutes look very original, especially in rear lat spread. Abs seem pretty faint, apart from mm poses also.

Your not flexing quads in most muscular?

Other than that, looking pretty aesthetic and good work in your first show.

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I agree with both of you. My condtion wasn’t on point. I think I needed another couple weeks to really dial it in, but I figured it was my first show and it was more for experience. I think I clearly got by on my mass and aesthetics. My posing obviously needs work, but you never know what to expect until you get on stage. Thanbks for the comments.

Another note: I think alot of it had to do with the fact that I was 280lbs. before I started my contest prep and lost 77lbs. in 16 weeks. Although it was alot, I could of used a bit more. The key is not to let my offseason get so far away from me this time. Staying leaner in the offseason should help for my next show.

Wow you lost a crazy amount of mass for this show! Anyway, your back is definitely your strongest point in my opinion. I would say that your hams and calves showed almost no definition in your poses and basically if you dialed in your diet and looked more defined you would be hard to beat. Great job on achieving your results though.

You look good for your first comp.

Nothing new to add. I agree with your comment about leg training, as they do lag behind your upper body and your condition could be a bit better.

To lose 77lbs and come in looking so good is a cracking achievement though. Next time you’ll be far sharper just because you’ll be better prepared and know just how lean you do need to get in order to look ripped on stage. Your back and delts are definite strong points!

An 8!

77lbs? Damn man, got any pre diet pics?

How much did you expect to lose when you started your diet? I’m interested in your approach before competing, like did you just gain weight for years to get to 280?

good to see man