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Cutler Cancels Guestposing In Sweden


"This is Jay Cutler from Las Vegas.

I understand you have a packed house at the Fitness Festival in Gothenburg today.

Let me tell you this; I would have loved to be there and guestpose for you.

But; as you know, this week Toney Freeman was taken by the police in Sweden and brought in for questioning.

I have talked to Toney. He says that this happened just because he is a professional bodybuilder.

If this could happen to Toney Freeman, it could clearly also happen to me as the current Mr Olympia.

Having seen how this damaged Toney Freeman via the internet, I simply could not risk to experience the same.

So, based on advice given to me here in the US, I decided that I could not come to Sweden this time.

I know that I have dissapointed many of you. I am disappointed myself for what has happened.

But please try to understand my situation and what would have happened if I had received the same treatment as Freeman experienced.

If you do not understand me, I hope you can forgive me.

I know that the organisers have been working hard to bring in other guest posers.

Some of the guys you will see, may even be the future Mr Olympia some day.

But I will tell you this; none of them will beat me next September here in Las Vegas. Because I will take my 5th Mr Olympia title and be in my best shape ever.

Thank you very much and have a fantastic show."


That's nice of him as he shouldn't really need to explain himself after what happened to Freeman.


of course he canceled... Why would he subject himself to that bullshit? Good for him


MAN UP!! Get to work and quit your little girlie whining.


You mean gregron or Jay Cutler?

It's the weekend so I don't think gregron has to go to work.


Jay, is who I'm speaking of. Why?


that is correct... no work today :slight_smile:


No surprise.


^^ indeed, many people don't work on the weekend.


I do


Would you go to work tomorrow if I told you that once you get in you would be taken into police custody in front of all your co-workers and then be harassed by the police about some of your past actions you did in a foreign country where said actions were legal at the time and place they commenced?


It would have looked horrible for the sport if the top profile figure (who we all know 'uses') was hassled, detained, and subjected to urine/lie detector tests overseas. I think Jay handled as well as could be expected.



Sweden sucks. Hey, just ask Conan OBrien.


No, you suck.



Thats like me not going to certain places becaise I'm Black.


That's like you not going to South Africa during Apartheid because you are black. Meaning, good sense.


It's true. Apartheid was horrible. I don't know how many blacks they asked to pee in a cup, then never bothered again.


Lol these people from sweden are butthurt.


Tell em to fill this out and send it in.



Step 1: Write the country you want to insult, and end your sentence with either a bad noun or proverb.

Step 2: Insert a picture, preferably from 4chan.

Step 3: Call all your friends and ask them to log in to the forum, so that they can witness your sly remarks and give you a clap on your back and buy you a beer.

Step 4. You have now accomplished, ridiculing another country/person. You're country is proud to have you.

I'm sorry, did I get the steps right?