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Cute Girl Beatboxes



Need I say more than the title?


Pretty spot on with the title if I do say so myself


That’s pretty damn impressive.


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Saw this a few days backkkk
first female beatboxer i’ve ever seen, she’s amazing+ i would.


Having the beatboxer be female makes it about 3x more interesting, I still could only handle like 15 seconds of it


[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Hey, rrjc might like him!


I think you’re confusing me with PGA.

Asshat. haha


She was cute before she started beatboxing, IMO the beatboxing is unattractive


Switches her beats too fast.

Looks? Yes.
Beatboxing skills? Yes, but not enough…


actually i remember seeing a good female beatboxer somewhere…i think she was dutch too…I don’t know if she is same girl…there is a good french female beatboxer as well…i forgot her name

I’ll try to find them


she must give great head.


…damn, i’ve been watching most of Beardyman’s vids, but that guy is off his rocker. Amazing!