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Cut Your Losses or Try Your Best?


When i was at the gym today, i went in quite ready for my workout.

Once i got going i started to feel quite weak and lethargic.

After arounf 40 mins i packed in and left. My heart wasn't in it and i started to feel pretty tired.

My question is, what do you do?
When you feel like this do you just pack in and leave making sure you smash it next time or do you push through and try and get your workout done?


Did the same thing yesterday. Got done with my warmups and stretching and worked up to my 5rm on the deadlift. After that i was just totally zapped for some reason, and i just didn't have the energy to do my assistance work. Left after about 25 mins.


Ye know what you mean, kinda wasted a clean t shirt by sweating on it.


I do that when I'm not feeling it too. I'll usually try to at least get in my main lift though


I usually know once I get there or getting "ready" for the gym even during my first exercise if I am not into it. I always pack it in and leave. I find if I work out 4 days in a row and try a 5th workout I'm usually not into it. I now take a rest day after 4 days of training.

I won't waste my time in the gym trying to get in the mood. I find myself not lifting as much and when I don't lift heavy I am not gaining. Always the next day I have a GREAT workout and thereafter.

It happens to everyone.


Just leave.


1 - Go find a pizza place and order a large with any toppings you like. Do not invite any friends to split it with. Do not leave until the entire thing is gone

2 - Go home and sleep for at least 10 hours

3 - Go back to gym 1-2 days later. Profit.


^^^ sounds tempting but tryna cut lol


If I'm at the gym and it's a training day, I force myself to stay there for at least an hour, no matter how tired I'm feeling.

90% of that tired feeling is mental, and once you start to feel it slightly, you just start to make more and more excuses as to why you should just go home. Unless your injured or seriously over trained (which is pretty rare), sack up, get under the bar, and give it everything you got.

You'll feel 1000 times better on the ride home, and you can usually bust through that tired feeling in a set or two.


I would analyze why I am out of it...

Am I tired? How did I sleep? How was my food (did I eat enough or too much?) Am I burned out and need a day off? Run through it in your head, see what might be causing this.

I have had this, and found the song I needed to "get my ass in gear" and just made it happen.


If/when this happens to me I just don't do my planned workout and instead try to do the things I like the most. That or I take it as an opportunity to try something I've never tried.


I've walked into the gym, walked on the treadmill for five minutes to warm up, and walked right back out when my body told me that it just wasn't going to happen that time. But that was back when I was unemployed and working out twice a day, so occasionally I just wouldn't be able to make it through one of the workouts.

I think its ok to leave if your body is telling you to. Just make sure you analyze why you're out of it (like someone else said) and plan for that to not happen again. Maybe you didn't get enough sleep, maybe you didn't eat right, whatever it is, just take the steps to correct things so you can smash the next time.


Over the years, I've done it all. I've had times where I came in, wasn't into it and left. Times I pushed through and felt like ass after. Times I pushed through and felt like a champ after... I think others are right that you should analyze what's draining you and proceed from there.


Just rip through. You'll feel like you have conquered the world after. Any time work kicks my ass, I still rip, even if I feel like puking after walking in. But then again, I'm not a super swole badass.


Just starting to cut, or been at it a while? How much weight are you loosing per week?

Weak / lethargic days when dieting, usually means its time for a refeed, and a rest.


If your trying to drop weight you shouldn't beat the shit out of your body. Just send it the message. I've had days where I didn't want to train (Blasphemy!) but I went in and did what I could. You can't put your body through what it can't already recover from. Excess food isn't the answer either.


This is about what I do too. Just mix it up a little, try to have some fun, even if it doesn't fit into my program or something. I figure doing anything in the gym is better than doing nothing at home.