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Cut Witout Cardio?


I am 6'1" about 215 - 220 lbs and around 15% bf. I just finished a bulking cycle in which I put on about 30 pounds. Now that the weather is getting warmer I want to lean out and hopefully get the bf down to single digits. My current workout regimen is full body workouts 3 times a week, with each session lasting about 90 minutes. The question I have is, is it possible to cut my body fat down to single digits without dedicated cardio time? Can I do this with diet and shorter rest intervals during workouts? Any advice on this is greatly appreciated, thanks!


IT's more than possible but I wouldn't exclude it. It's good for general health, conditioning. Just don't go nuts with it.


Aerobic activity has a lot of positive effects to muscle building believe it or not, things like increasing mitochondria density, increasing vascularity (which allows more nutrients to reach your muscle most importantly, H2O), and increasing the rate at which lactic acid is flushed out of the the muscles sending it to the liver to create more ATP.


well it just depends on your diet mainly, i never do Cardio and have 7%bf but im more of a lean physic.


I think alot of it depends on how active you are. I never get on a treadmill(or an Elliptical).I think its boring. I play alot of basketball,football and softball with my friends. I also have a job that keeps me moving and on my feet for the entire 8 hour shift. If I have absolutely nothing to do that day then I might go run sprints or go to a local park that has a lookout tower and run the steps.

Another option I like to use is a circuit like CT suggests in his Renaissance Body Development article. I do sandbag carries,farmers walks and sledgehammer striking.