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Cut Out Diet Drinks, Craving Sugar


Per the recommendation of my doctor, about 1 month ago I cut out all diet drinks (I already avoided regular soft drinks). Now, one month later, I notice that I am having crazy cravings for sugar. I don’t even like sugary drinks, as I usually crash quickly after words. Fruit seems to help sometimes, but if I don’t watch it ill keep eating. So, what the hell is going on here?


Seems pretty normal. You aren’t getting something and now you want it. When I was cutting weight for meets, I would literally have dreams about eating breakfast cereal, simply because I was deprived of sweets.


Suck it up buttercup.

Cravings go down and if you have any type of refine sugar after not touching it fir three months… Well, let’s just say, I felt that headache right away and felt nautious for hours after.

Stay the course.


My body tried pulling the same trick on me when my so-called “doctor” told me to cut out cigarettes, coke and booze.


Totally normal and not much you can do about it from my experience. After about 2-3 weeks it usually goes away. You’ve just gotta ride it out.

*I’m sitting here craving a Pepsi actually…


Pretty interesting. My sugar cravings go away once I stop eating sugar & come back straight if I eat regularly


I dont think Im eating enough carbs, maybe I have a slice of bread a day, thats about it besides veggies. I dont like carbs.


It’s the bacteria in your stomach it takes a while to change


Without knowing anything else about your training and nutrition it’s hard to give any type of input. But, ultimately, it sounds like you need more mental strength. If you’re used to eating high sugar foods, it will take a while for your brain and body to get used to not eating them. You’ll still want them though, and it’s up to you to get past it and realize it’s not a big deal.

That being said, if you can provide more info about your current daily nutrition it would be easier to give advice on how to curb some of those cravings. One question would be how much good fats are you getting in your day?


Sugar is really hard to get passed. I use to drink a soda with every meal and 3-4 energy drinks every day plus sugar that was already in my food. Of course I no longer drink anything except water and have changed my diet. It takes a while to get passed the cravings, but it is possible you could be craving something else and mistaking it for sugar. Like what Robstein mentioned, you may need to intake more good fats. Before I changed my diet I would either go straight for something sugary or simple carbs. Now whenever I crave something sweet I eat an almond covered date, but just one because they are high in calories. I love dates. It tastes like chocolate to me.