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Cut Or Bulk?

I would think this question would be asked all the time - but after searching the forums for awhile i haven’t found any real definitive information. . .

I’m trying to decide if I want to bulk or cut.

5’11 230 lbs right now
I’d guess my body fat % is in the neighborhood of 15-20% (17% if i’d have to guess)

A month or two ago I started trying to bulk up . . This has been hampered by the fact that I sometimes cannot decide if i want to continue bulking or try to cut. I’ve gained around 10-15 pounds, and although i’m getting bigger, i can feel some of the weight in fat.

Now I’m at the point where I cannot decide if i want to try to cut down to 10-12% body fat, and then bulk up, or if i should bulk up and then cut?

Any suggestions? information? Advice? Thanks I appreciate it

Before doing anything else, buy yourself a bodyfat measuring device so you’re not guessing. Either calipers or a handheld impedance unit.

[quote]Moose51 wrote:

Any suggestions? information? Advice? Thanks I appreciate it[/quote]

If you want real advice and not just someone making something up that sounds somewhat logical, you have to give more information

e.g. your training experience, how long have you been training (lifting ? lifting properly ?), diet, how often and what kind of training do you do now/do you plan on doing in the future, what is your goal etc etc

If you are more or less “new”, the real answer is simple nail a good solid diet, stop worrying whether you should cut or bulk or whatever and start lifting weights, eat properly, get enough rest after and worry about adding 100lbs to your backsquat

If you are not new, the answer gets complicated, depends on your goal and the time frame in which you plan to reach said goal and we absolutely need more info :wink:

Well I was a football player in high school so I’ve been lifting for around five or six years.

Lifting properly? More or less i would like to think;)

I’ve been doing one muscle group per week, chest on Monday - Bi’s/Tri’s on tuesdays - Wednesday off - Thursday back / shoulders and Friday - Legs Abs and Calves.
Usually do some 20 minute cardio on saturday and sunday.

Diet Wise? At first I was eating everything i saw because i read some article that said thats how you get big. After a little more research i’ve tightened up my diet. I eat lots of fruit and veggies and protien throughout the day, and things like pasta after i work out. I’ve been eating every three hours, but i haven’t been keeping track of my calories. . .

My Bench is 380
Squat 415
Power Clean 275

Yes i’m fairly new to the whole body building thing, i’ve usually just ate whatever i felt like and lifted hard becuase i like to;) I’m now a bit more serious about this whole BB thing - but i dont know where to start - Cut or Bulk?

Continue to train for strength in the gym. Let your diet and cardio change your body composition for the better.