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Cut or Bulk

First post here, Name is Stone, and yeah i am lost in the information, I just recently found this site, from the guys over at
Ive also been around
So Ok I guess I am just running down to this question. Cut or Bulk?
Age 33
Weight: 210lbs
BF%: 28

I am a stocky meso, I wanna get to be some where like Jay Cutler :slight_smile:
I know thats gonna take time, But what is one to do first, Cut or Bulk?

I walk a lot for work. I have gym and home weights.
Id like to trim down, but at the same time, i have had the belly for awhile. And if i have more muscle, it burns more fat yes?

Read the articles, especially the ones about nutrition (e.g.
), chose a program and stick to it.

Train hard, get your diet in order and get enough rest.

Don’t worry about “cutting” or “bulking” at this stage :slight_smile:

If you start training seriously just now, you’ll most likely notice a loss in %BF while maintaining your weight.