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Cut or Bulk ?

I’m 20 years old, 6’5 and 217lbs. To make a long story short, sometime in late 2004/early 2005 I was like 360lbs and I decided to lose fat. I educated myself on exercise and nutrition and got down to about 200lbs, as of a few months ago.

Recently I went out of the country and gained about 15-20 lbs back, which I was told by others makes me look healthier.
After losing all of that fat I still have loose areas of skin, fat, and breasts.

I’ve basically lost all of my muscle except in my legs. The only body part I’m proud of are my calves, they look freaking awesome! Probably the only good thing about being morbidly obese for years and losing it is the stress on your calves.

Anyways, I really want to bulk now but this remaining fat is bothering me. The chest area is especially bothering me but I think I realize why it sags (lack of muscle tissue to cling to?).

I was initially lifting weights but stopped because I was cutting and got discouraged from lack of progress. It was stupid for me to stop because my lifts were slightly increasing in bench press and deadlift.

I think I have a lot of potential to be big so am ready to be patient and receive any valuable advice. I’ve read enough on here and through other sources to know what to do, but I’m just wondering if I should get started now on a serious bulk and deal with any excess fat later.

I would say start a clean bulk. Don’t go gorging on pizza and beer to get your calories high, but start taking in more clean foods to increase your caloric intake. Veggies, fruit, whole wheats, lean meat, protein powder, etc. Basically anything in Massive Eating.

By doing a clean bulk, you will be able to put some muscle on your frame. However, that muscle will also aid you in burning off the rest of that fat. It will be a lot easier for you to burn thos remaining problem areas with some muscle to back you up.

You’ve come a long way so far, so keep it up!

your a beast 6 ft 5 used to be 350 why lose weight… you could had just killed every one thinner

just dont get to thin without some mass

Congratulations on losing the fat. In T-Nation jargon, you’re a FFB (former fat boy).

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