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Cut or Bulk.


Hey guys I'm just starting out ready to train seriously. Been training on and off for years (about 10). My question is should I cut down a bit before bulking or get straight into bulking. I'm 28yrs old, five foot eleven, 218 pounds and 23% body fat waist 39in,chest 44in, and hips 41in. I was thinking that if i started bulking I would increse my metabolism and burn a bit of fat while putting on muscle. With a clean diet of course.


I’m not bashing you, but did you search at all. There are about 10000000000 threads titled Cut or Bulk. Usually if you have to ask then cut.


cut with heavy lifting, you should still be able to make decent gains while cutting down the bf%


That is what i was thinking. As for training I was thinking 3 day split. Day 1 thighs,calves and abs. Day 2 chest and tris, and day 3 back and bis. 3x8-12 reps all round except for calves and abs 3x12-15. Break down of exercises i was thinking 2 compound movements for the major muscle groups and two isolation moves for the minor muscles.

Any thoughts or advice would be good cheers.


Day 1 thighs,calves and abs.

Day 2 chest, SHOULDERS and tris,

day 3 back and bis

If by “minor muscles” you mean bis and tris, do at least a compound movement and an isolation one. On chest day do some shoulder press (BB, DB) and on back day put some rear delt isolation.

As you get stronger, you may want to lower the rep bracket on compound movements (3x6-8).


Day 1

Chinups/Pullups (assisted if you can’t do bodyweight)
Military Press
Back Squats

Day 2

Bench Press
Bar Curls

Day 3

Dips (bodyweight, assisted or Machine, whatever you can handle)

Now you can add whatever else you want.

You could easily do Abs and Calves every day just do them at the end.
Do cardio on your off days or at the end of a workout if you don’t have the time. Lift hard and eat healthy.




[quote]ucallthatbass wrote:
I’m not bashing you, but did you search at all. There are about 10000000000 threads titled Cut or Bulk. Usually if you have to ask then cut.[/quote]

I agree with this, but in your heart of hearts, I bet you won’t be happy bulking? Especially at this time of year?
Fuck what anyone says, you do this for yourself. Accept that to ‘bulk’ you need to eat lots, and if you’re debating cutting, your heads not in the right place, there’ll be doubt. So i’ve heard good things about Waterbury’s 10/10 program. I heard it is cutting, followed by some bulking, nice and simple, aim is to lose 10lbs fat, gain 10lbs muscle




Your a newbie. Cut or Bulk? It doesn’t really matter. By the description you gave your not exactly in the best of shape to begin with. JUST START WORKING.
Again, you are a newbie, if you stop pissing about in the gym, start training and eating right you are going to put on muscle mass, you are going to loose body fat.
I think your problem is you still don’t know what you want from training. Go away and ask yourself what it is you really want to achieve. Read the articles on this site that have been written by people far smarter in the ways of training than any of us.
If you still have questions on training then come back and ask.