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Cut or bulk?

I need to know if I should continue cutting for four more weeks or go into a bulking phase.

I have been on the Meltdown routine along with the T-Dawg diet for four weeks. I have two more weeks of this left. I have lost about ten pounds of fat so far. I am looking to lose about four more in the next two weeks. I will still be about seven pounds short of where I ultimately want to be. With those extra seven pounds of fat gone I would have a great six pack with a nice cut all over my body.

Should I stretch this routine/diet I’m on now for four more weeks to lose this fat, then go into a bulking phase? Or, should I go into my bulking phase in two weeks? My concern is if I’m this close I don’t want to start a long bulking phase where I will only maintain or gain fat. Is it possible to lose fat while in a bulking phase? Thanks for your help!

if i were you i would stay in the dive until i reached my goal (however long that ends up being). besides, the leaner you are when you start your bulking phase the better the odds are your body will stuff the excess calories into muscle rather than fat.

if you use something like mag10 when bulking you stand a better chance of gaining so little fat as compared to muscle that your bf% will most likely go down. this doesn’t mean that you are losing fat (actually gaining) it’s just that since bf% is a ratio your extra muscle will cause your bf% to decrease. kevo

I’m doing the same thing (Meltdown with a T-dawg diet). After the meltdown and t-diet, I am planning on doing a maintenance program/diet so that my body can get used to the bodyweight/ new bodyfat. I figure a four week “maintain” program. I thought of this after I read a recent question/ thread about, if your body can get used to a certain percentage/ bodyweight etc. Most of the replies said that your body might be able to get used to the “new look.” I don’t want to diet and after that bulk up and lose the “hard earned lean look.” I have about four more weeks on M.D., then I’ll do a maintenance routine, then hit MAG-10 for some size and strength.
My $0.02

Reach your target body fat percentage, then slowly work your way into a bulking phase. I know that it sounds like delayed gratification, but as Kevo said, you are likely to gain less fat if you start bulking leaner. Also, once you have hit your target body fat percentage, set a cap for the max amount of fat you will let yourself gain and terminate all bulking cycles at that point.