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Cut or Bulk With Tren/Prop


Hello guys, im doing a tren/prop cycle in march and im not sure if i should do a cut or a bulk. im 25 yrs, 110kg, 190cm and around 16%bf. Is it worth bulking instead of cutting, like is it worth being fat in the summertime? and also, should i add masteron? ive heard its only for 10%bf and lower.

Appreciate answers!

Thank you.


16% are you seriuos u wanna bulk???


I will cut from now, until march, will be around 12-13


go single digit and make sure u r very clean


So ur saying that i should cut with a physique thats not complete


12 is still high if uwant to bulk


cut with that stack.

If you want to bulk there are much better and more tolerable cycles for bulking.

Also what is your end game?


if you have to ask yourself this basic fitness question then you are not remotely ready to inject your buttocks mate


Get down to 7, 8, 9% and your ability to gain muscle on cycle will probaby be 2 or 3 times better than if you tried to “compete” your physique now.