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Cut or Bulk? Thoughts?

Wusgood, Im 16 and play rugby in Australia, i’ve had no experience at all with weights and am contemplating on whether to build lean muscle or cut this fat off lol.

End goal is to attain a muscular physique while also having a lot of strength/functional strength which is essential in rugby. Also would love to be ‘explosive’ and having good speed and agility with high aerobic fitness. Basically an all round athlete JJ Watt typa dude ya get me

Any tips and training guides would be appreciated

198 cm
140 kg


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Can’t see the photo but at 140kg there shouldn’t really be a need for a photo.

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Unless your some freak of nature… and since photo wont come up. I might suggest cutting back on the calories at 140kg

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You a 2nd row/8? Your way too tall to be front row, but 5 6 and 8 are usually lighter.

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Yeah just start lifting. at your age youll lean out and put on muslce at the same time. This is a good start…

If not in-season, can add a day of sprints, jumps, farmers walks etc

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Jesus. You’re probably the biggest 16 year old I’ve ever seen, lol.

You’re definitely carrying more fat than you need to, particularly if speed is important. You’ll get faster just by shedding some weight. To me, that would be a huge priority. But at your age and size, you actually don’t have to choose between building lean muscle and cutting fat. You can do both. You’ll build muscle, even in a calorie deficit, if you begin a solid lifting program and keep training hard for your sport. Shedding the fat will be done through dieting. DO NOT try to lose the fat through your training programming. That’s not the best way to do it. Lift heavy and often, running a tried and true program like 5/3/1 (with an assistance template suited to your goals), and reduce calories.

What does a typical day of food look like for you? If you can give us a good idea of how you eat on a regular basis, we can help you modify your diet to get you on track.

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yeah lock

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Cheers for your input bro!
I just eat whatever tf’s in the cupboard basically lol

No particular order i usually have:
3 bananas
400g tuna w/ white rice (1 1/2 cup) with a cup of broccoli
5 boiled eggs w/ 4 slices of wholegrain toast (buttered)
PIZZA sometimes lol or a meat pie or two
4 litres of water

Whats really fked me over is that, i recently had shoulder surgery (2 months ago) which is where i gained most of the weight that brought me to 140. And am currently doing rehab on it.

Holy fuck? You dont even weight train and you’re that big?140kg? I mean you have some fat on you but you dont look obese or something like that. Cant imagine how you’ll look when you start lifting :astonished:.

P.s nice to see another aussie here, im 15.

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Hes a freak of nature…

Samoan genetics for ya lol, yeah just have to complete rehab on my shoulder then i’d start getting into the groove of it. Ahah you from sydney g?

Haha thought you were samoan. Nah in Western australia man

You are young. Your growth cartilages is probably not yet complete, so your weight/height will fluctuate, I would not deal so much. It also depends on the role you are playing. If it is on the defensive post (sorry, I do not know exact terminology), there is a higher body weight assumed, no matter in quality.

Rationally written strength training is the most appropriate approach for rugby players. For example, my modified nonlinear periodization is effective. You will gain muscles, strength. Of course, if you eat properly, you lose body fat.

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