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Cut or Bulk First?

I have been training for around 3 years and used to be a lot fatter. Have made noticeable progress fat loss wise. But now I think I am skinny fat. I am 5ft 10 28 and weigh around 170 pounds and currently consuming around 2100 calories a day to lose fat whilst lifting heavy to maintain what little muscles I have. Have been doing this for 3 weeks so far and thus have managed to maintain lifts whilst getting body fat down. Should I continue cutting even more before I start lean bulking. How many calories should i be eating? I train around 4 to 5 times a week in the gym focusing on push pull legs routine. And train for around a hour at a time. Some pics to help you advise me what to do. I have no idea what my current level of body fat percentage is but would ideally like to get down as low as possible before lean bulking.

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recent pics

Planning to do a Test E 500mg a week for 10 weeks injecting 250mg twice a week. Followed PCT weeks 12 to 16 using clomid. Would have preferred nolvadex but only managed to get hold of clomid. Will do 50 mg a day week 12 to 14 followed by 25mg a day the remaining weeks. Waiting for my test results before I start. I have arimidex on hand if needed but I am thinking of maybe using 0.25 every 3 days on cycle and adjust as necessary. Also will clomid only be okay as PCT? And do I need to get leaner please take a look at my pics. Obviously the leaner you are the better your body will respond to test. At my current body fat level is it okay based on pics?

Ok so I’m conflicted here. Your cycle appears well laid out with the exception of starting Arimadex without the need. Yes clomid is a typical PCT drug it just has more side effect than Nolva.

Now to my conflict… you don’t even look like you work out. At all. In fact you are in poor shape. You should not be cycling. You should be dialing in your training and diet. Get in the best shape of your life and assuming your old/wise enough to assess the risk then reconsider.

How old are you? You don’t look that old but hard to tell. Your body screams estrogen dominant / low T. Lets see those labs when you get them.


Start with wax strips first !


I am 28. I have been training for around 3 years bt only training properly for 1 year. . I used to be a lot fatter and have lost a lot of weight. I am currently 5ft 10 and weigh 77kg or around 170 pounds. At the moment I am trying to lose more fat before I start a lean bulk and test cycle. I am consuming around 2100 calories a day which mai ly consist of proteinl like fish, lean chicken, eggs etc and carbs such as oats, brown rice and sweet potatoes are timed around workouts. I am currently in a calorie deficit and consuming around 2000 calories a day. My workout routine consists of push pull legs with a 2 day on 2days of routine due to my body taking time to recover.

Dude. Please. Just stay away from steroids.

You look like my average PT client who really has no idea. Sure, you made some progress, but no where near enough to warrant gear usage.

You have no muscle base. Eat. Grow. Train Naturally. Repeat.


That’s the reason why I am struggling with training natural and eating well. I need a boost. I’m sick of it day in day out I feel like I’m doing everything right but hardly any progress

If you cant eat and train naturally, steroids will make that MUCH harder.

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You’re not eating enough man. My 5’1 wife eats that many calories and has more muscle, seriously. EAT!

What will happen if you run this cycle is this… you will make minimal to moderate progress, you will then come off of it, and lose all progress because your diet and training is not on point. We see it happen all the time.

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What should I do lose fat first? Or bulk I will eat more when bulk but I feel fat at the moment.

I’m confused should I bulk and eat more or eat less and lose more fat first

train hard, eat 3000 calories, you will sharpen up and look much better. eat rice, potatoes, chicken, lean beef mince, tuna, eggs, oats, berries, greek yogurt and cottage cheese etc. you will make very good progress


You’re probably going to do it anyways but pls don’t.

Learn to eat and train properly, you obviously don’t since “it’s not working and I need a boost”

This is not the solution for you

I won’t do it. I can take constructive criticism unfortunately I have already spent money one all the necessary products for cycle so that’s a waste but I definitely won’t do it. Not at least for one year to see how my body responds. Maybe I am going wrong in my diet or training somewhere and need to tweak those. I will try harder. Anyway do you reccomend I bulk or cut first? 3000 cals seems like a bit too much and I want to lose my fat first. At the same time I dont want to lose what little muscle I have. I believe I am in the skinny. Fat dilemma.

good for you man, you never know, my Test is in date for another 2 years. try 3000 calories and see what happens. when I was in your position my coach gave me heaps of calories to eat and I grew muscle and lost fat whilst on healthy foods.


Okay will try that eating is not an issue I have a big appetite lol atm always hungry because I am in a deficit. I am making progress fat loss wise but not much strength wise. I have managed to maintain all my lifts whilst on deficit so it can’t be too bad. Maybe cut for another 5 weeks max on deficit? Then gradually increase calories to 3000 to start lean bulk? I have no idea what my body fat percentage is and I’m pretty sure the gym machines are unreliable. From what iv read it’s better to start bulking from a lower body fat but if you guy think I should start eating 3000 right away I will

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While we don’t typically discuss steroids in the Beginners forum, I’ve merged these threads because the dude needs to focus on the basics and that’s the direction the thread was (rightfully) headed.

What is your specific workout routine? How much cardio are you doing?

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

Based on your current pics, 5 more weeks of whatever you’ve been doing is nothing. Post the details of your current plan (training and diet), then it can be tweaked for better results.

Use your drug money to hire a well respected coach.