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Cut or Bulk? Chubby/Skinnyfat


In short terms, i need advice for what to do. Im in my early 20s, and always had a strange physique. Im skinny, my legs/calves are all normal, but am skinnyfat/chubby without the clothes on, even tho my weight is normal. Like you see i dont have one single muscle on my upperbody, so i look fatter then i really am.

If i cut, wouldnt i just become even skinnier, and what should i cut down to? I have no muscle anyways. Or should i bulk and try to add muscle, or do i have to much fat?

Appreciate all the help

Have you exercised before?

Yeah, id say so, i tried lifting weight for 6 months, but the results were almost the same, a combination of shit food and bad workoutroutine id say.

Start again. Don’t bulk or cut. Get in shape first. After that, THEN make a decision.


How? The thing is that i have bascially zero muscles on my upperbody bro, so even tho if id loose shit ton of weight, my body would be the same, in a smaller version.

There are tons of programs on this very website. Use that. Otherwise, google “Jim Wendler Help a Friend Get Stronger” and follow that plan.

Otherwise, read Paul Kelso’s “Powerlifting Basics Texas Style”. Follow the programs included in the chapter titled “Dear Mr Kelso What Should I do?”

For nutrition, consider using this

After 6-12 months, do Jon Andersen’s Deep Water program and diet. Or just do it now. That works too.



But regarding the diet and calories, should i stick to more closely to a cut or bulk? I consider bulk due to my extremely low musclemass over, and cut because i have a quite high bodyfatpercentage.

My advice, read what @T3hPwnisher just wrote and take it to heart.

For simplicity, I’d offer that you read his advice in this order,

Start with this,

and if that doesn’t appeal to you buy/loan the book he mentiones here,

If you do this,

Post back here and ask “is this a decent one to start with?” and once you present an option that gets a few yes votes commit do doing that for

If you read more, or worry start worrying about what’d be optimal, or if there’s a better program out there, I want you to come back and read this,

In this age of information abundance and overload, those who get ahead will be the folks who figure out what to leave out, so they can concentrate on what’s really important to them. Nothing is more paralyzing than the idea of limitless possibilities.

— Austin Kleon

I gave you tons of information that answers these very questions. You have looked at none of it.

You are not cut out for this.


Bro, you litteraly just linked me a dietplan? Ive seen it. But how much should i eat is the question? Should i try to eat less, trying to cut down a bit, or eat a shitton?

Good luck. You are beyond my ability to assist.

I imagine you haven’t read a lot of diet plans, because normally they wouldn’t contain the word “unlimited” unless it was in regards to (perhaps) veggies, and yet that article contains this,

What to eat

  • Unlimited natural, unprocessed meat (chicken, turkey, red meat, wild game)
  • Unlimited animal skin
  • Unlimited natural fat
  • Fish (not from a can) twice per week minimum
  • Veggies with every meal, no exceptions
  • Unlimited fruit
  • Unlimited potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, and oatmeal
  • If you follow the above rules, one meal per week eat whatever you want, as much as you want.

and you seem to be stuck in there being two modalities to this, either cutting or bulking.

I’d say, don’t attempt to manipulate your weight in either direction. Eat good quality food until satisfied or full, train hard, do that for 36 months and see if you don’t look remarkably different and better and aren’t a hell of a lot stronger too.

Some days, you’ll eat too much, other days you’ll eat a little too little and your body will take the calories from the fat stores that you have. If you actually adhere to the rules in that article and not eat like a orc having their final meal at each sitting you’ll have a lot of the latter days.

Neither. Don’t cut or bulk.


You admit to eating shit food… what did your eating look like.

Even if the workout routine was bad, if you ate shit food then why would you expect those six months to have counted for anything or make you look better?

Lift weights again, don’t eat shit food this time, re-evaluate six months down the line.


I wouldnt say shit food, but i eat food like rice, pizza etc, but even tho i ate it, i always sticked to max 2500 calories on a daily basis. I suppose you cant eat whatever you want, aslong as ur macroes are good.

I eat everything, which means rice, carbs, pizza etc, but i sticked to 2500 calories and always having 150+ grams of protein.

How would that work tho? Im just asking because every guy ive asked have said that counting ur food and what u eat is 80% of the workout, and if i just eat without measuring, how do i know how much proteins im getting? I used the myfitnesspal app before to log what i eat, it worked fine.

Did you get the results you wanted? Because if not, it didn’t work fine.

I wrote out quite a few replies to you, but I think the bottom line is that your previous approach and your current knowledge hasn’t worked for you.

Do what pwn says, he’s a smart man.

All that makes

Hard to believe. Tracking calories gets harder imho the farther you get away from clean food. Maybe there’s a chance you were not only using the wrong fuel, but more of it than you thought.


Were you heavier when you was younger?