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Cut or Bulk after 200 Pound Weight Loss

Im 22 i started at 400 pounds now im at 220 pounds 6 foot 3 then had surgery to remove lose skin now this is what i look my goal physique is to looked ripped with good amount muscle but i have been spinning my wheels since i got to 220 pounds my body looks the same my end goal is to look like lazar anglov or similar to that of my potential but im stuck on ether i should cut or bulk im currently on cut but here gyms are closed due to covid 19 i got down 210 but i just look the same. Tips on what you guys or gals would recommend would be great thank you.


First and foremost, congrats on the amazing transformation.

My advice is that you never, ever bulk. You have billions of shrunken fat cells looking for an excuse to plump back up–don’t give them one.

As for your appearance, you are in that dreaded in-between zone where further fat loss won’t lead to discernible improvements in your physique until you get well below 200#.

Speaking of: You and I are the same height. In my avi I weighed ~183#, and while I’m far from a Lazar Anglov in muscle mass, I probably have more than you do. The point being, at current musculature levels you may need to get below 180 to look ‘ripped.’ Best of luck reaching your goals.


Congrats on the progress man. I would give you the same advice to not ever bulk like @EyeDentist. You can build with the far stores you have, and if you weight train while losing, you will build muscle if done right.

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That’s an insane weight loss.:slightly_smiling_face:Bulking isn’t recommended unless your body fat percentage is very low. I’ve been overweight myself in the past, and I quickly gain fat if I ever try to do even a clean bulk. Fortunately, my half-shitty metabolism also lets me gain muscle on a low budget.

You could probably gain muscle and lean out more at the same time. You might need surgery on some of the loose skin, though, depending on your age.

Lazar Angelov is juicing, btw. Natural bodybuilding was exposed years ago.