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"Cut Long" 300 Sustenon, Stable Levels Pinning Twice/Wk?


This is my second cycle i want to do 8 weeks I’m ordering a 10ml vial of testosterone blend called cut long its 100mg of test e 100 mg of masteron and 100mg of trenbolone per ml and I want to order a 10ml vial of test e or sustenon…

My question is if pin twice a week, 1ml of the test e or sustenon by itself then the second time 1ml of the blend, will my levels be unstable? Because it’s 250mg of test in the beginning then only 100mg the second pin


Your question is vague so you have test e 100, drom e 100, tren e 100, combo. Going to sust 250 ?


I want to order 2 10ml vials one vial of cutlong300is a combo it’s 300mg test e masteron and tren e enanthate Esters and then 1 vial of sustenon 250so would I get away with pinning 1ml of sustenon Monday then 1ml of the combo tren masteron and test. My question is would my test levels be jumping up and down if I pin 250mg Monday and only 100mg test e Thursday


Kind of low on the mix but yeah twice a week better, how about AI. Is 100mg tren e, and 100mg drom e weekly enough? if that was all i could afford or had access to i would start with sust 250 twice a week. 500mg weekly for 5 weeks . Then when i was out of that go long cut 300mg twice a week, 600mg weekly. Any pct like clomid?


if I go from doing 500 mg a wk of sustenon for 5 weeks to only doing 200mg a wk of test from the mix after 5 weeks won’t that be too much of a drop? I have a little liquiclomi for clomid for pct… I’ve done a test e only cycle 500wk for 12weeks it was great I responded good to the test

Is it a bad idea to mix 2 vials in 1 srynge? What if I frontload 1.5ml of the sustenon twice the fiRst week than for the rest I take half a ml of sustenon and half ml of cutlong into a srynge twice a week it would be even doses for about 8weeks


And I guess the masteron in the cutlong would be the AI but my first cycle the only sides I ever got was itchy nipples


Going to 200test 200mast and 200tren . Not just 200 test right, the test undeconate in the sust we be in system.You will still get stronger just lose some water and gain density. Yes you can draw from 2 syringes
Personally i would ditch the sust, and just go 300 test, 300tren,and 300 mast ten weeks.
I am on wk 2 of tren e and mast e getting stronger and gaining vascularity already, started ai on fri.
Before this cycle i ran 600test a week front loaded dbol.


Yea the first 5 weeks would be test e only 500mg a week and when that runs out I start the ( 200mgtest 200mg mast and 200mg tren)a week

And I meant my other questioncan I draw from 2 different vials with the same srynge needle for a pin, like i have about 30srynges left in my box So if I take the vial of sustenon and draw .5ml into the srynge then use the same needle to draw .5ml of the cutlong vial into the same syringe then pin that and throw out the needle. I always use a new needle after a pin and wipe the top of the vials with hydrogen peroxide to disinfect

Maybe Ill do 8 week cycle I’ll try the first 3 weeks of test e only doing 600mg a week pinning Monday and Thursdays then week 4 I introduce the cutlong mondays and Thursday’s and saturdays I do a shot of .5ml from of the rest of the sust so I’d be doing 325mg test altogether a wk
Week1-3 sustenon 600mg wk
Week4-8 sustenon 125mg test200 tren 200 mast 200mg pw

Thanks for your advice I feel it’ll be better if I keep it simple and just do like you said and do the sustenon first for 5weeks then finish with cutlong


Are you just doing tren and mast cycle without any test? Or did you just finish doing the 600test cycle and are going right into the tren and mast


Yeah you can use same needle to draw from two vials.
Once i only had 4 syringes to do a ten week cycle. Ouch.
I would use strong rubbing alcohol to disinfect top. And skin pre shot, i also have antibacterial bandages.