Cut from 120kg+ to U105, Stay Competitive?

Hi, looking for advice.

Due to a career choice i now have to lose weight. I’m currently sitting on 27% BF and i compete in the 120kg+ category. I’m also 187cm tall.

I don’t want to give up power-lifting all together because i love strength sports. I am 2nd best 120kg+ power-lifter (raw) in my country and am hoping to move my success to the U105 category. Is it possible being this tall that i can be just as competitive in the 105kg cat?

How should i go about cutting for this category, i want to try at least maintain my deadlift and squat, but i am sure that my bench will drop.

How much do you weigh currently? You say 120+ but are you 125 or 170? Would make a huge difference on the outcome.


At 130 kg and 27% BF (assuming that’s correct) your LBM (lean body mass) would be 94.9 kg. To get down to 105 kg while staying at the same LBM you would get down to about 10% BF, which will be very difficult and definitely a long-term process. Let’s look at the numbers:

End weight 105 kg — 10% BF — 94.5 LBM — LBM loss = 0.4
End weight 105 kg — 12% BF — 92.4 LBM — LBM loss = 2.5 kg
End weight 105 kg — 15% BF — 89.25 LBM — LBM loss = 5.65 kg
End weight 107.5 kg — 12% BF — 94.6 LBM — LBM loss = 0.3
End weight 107.5 kg — 15% BF — 91.4 LBM — LBM loss = 3.5 kg
End weight 110 kg — 15% BF — 93.5 LBM — LBM loss = 1.4 kg

If you could walk around at 105 kg and 10-12% BF you’d be just fine, I think, although getting to that little bodyfat from where you’re at will be a very difficult process. If you’re up to ~15% BF at 105 kg I think the 5.65 kg LBM drop will affect your lifts a little too much.

Alternatively you could walk around a little heavier than the weight class limit and then use a water cut to make weight. If you weigh in at 110 kg you have a reasonably difficult (5 kg) water cut to get through. I assume you lift in the IPF because of the weight classes you’re giving, so the 5 kg to drop will affect you more since you have 2-hour weigh-ins. However, a 2.5 kg water cut isn’t such a big deal, which would mean you could walk around at 107.5 kg and somewhere between 12-15% BF, with no loss in LBM at 12% and some loss (3.5 kg) at 15% BF, although this might not be detrimental.

I know LBM isn’t the only indicator of your competitiveness, but I’m a numbers guy so this was the approach I thought would be the most straightforward to figuring out if this was even plausible or not. Look at the numbers (and toy with them yourself) and see if you’d be comfortable doing any of the options that would be the best to maintain your lean body mass.

Out of curiosity, where are you from?