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Cut Fat Not Strength

After my first year of powerlifting, I’ve decided (despite the ‘just eat everything in sight!’ philosophy) to ask for some advise about nutrition. The question here is specifically about fat loss WITHOUT strength loss.

I’m 34, 6’0’’ and weigh 207. I wear a 36 inch waist trouser. I wouldn’t call myself fat, and really not concerned with being ‘shredded’, but who needs an extra 10 pounds around the midsection?

I’ve tried cutting calories, and adding tons of aerobic work, and man do I get WEAK. Any advice on a more balanced approach would be appreciated.

Or, if you DO think it’s best to just go crazy for a month with calorie cutting and aerobics I’d be open to that also. Let me know what you think. Thanks!

Interesting situation. From your height and weight it doesn’t really sound like you are that big, but everyone wants to look good nekkid I suppose.

Honestly I would not “go crazy” for a month. I would cut back REALLY easy so that your body doesn’t go “Holy shit! Where did all that food I was getting go?? Forget this LBM business, it’s burning up calories!”

Try to lose no more than 2 pounds per week. Get in a good amount of cals (probably around 2800 or so) for a month and you should be satisfied. HOT-ROX never hurt anyone either.

I got on the Anabolic Diet and lost over twenty pounds in two months with strength gains. Eating more calories too. Check out the thread.

One way that I’ve seen recommended somewhere (I believe it was an article on here actually) was to do about an hour of VERY low intensity “cardio” on off days. It all depends on the individual as to what very low intensity is, but for most people that’s a moderately-paced walk. The idea behind this is that your type II fibers will never be activated and thus fatigued. It seems like a common viewpoint among authors on this site is that when it comes to cardio, the middle ground is what is dangerous. Either do high-intensity engergy systems work where the duration is short, or very low intensity walking. The advantage the walking has over the energy systems work is that it is not at all taxing on the CNS or type II fibers. Therefore, it shouldn’t interfere with your weight training at all. In fact, it might facilitate recovery a little faster by increasing blood flow.

My advice: Cut calories by 300,not five hundred,then do cardio and burn off another 300-400 cal by doing cardio for about 30-45 minutes(low impact for fat and not muscle loss). If you cut 500-1000 calories(especially when lifting weights)over night, your body does say “holy shit!”. So,start by taking out 300 calories and do cardio 5 times a week(low impact). Good luck my friend.

well, just do some more research and see what you can find. like the guy above said, the anabolic diet is a good alternative. i’ve been on that for a bit and i’ve leaned up and actually GAINED size.
if you find out anything that works well, post it up and i’ll take a look myself.
good luck

Thanks all.

I’m really not very specific in my calorie counting (waits for gasps of terror), but basically try to make sure I’m getting enough protein and not too much fat or junk carbs. (soda? what’s soda?)

I’m a 3-meal-a-day guy, but snack on apples, protein shakes, and 2% milk.

I’ve been doing very little cardio, so I’ll do 3-times-a-week at 20 mins, watch my portion sizes and see what happens.

Do what Shugs has suggested, start walking an hour every day. It will add up, and won’t give you the catabolic effect of higher intensity “cardio”.