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Cut During Cycle or After Cycle?


I'm wondering whether it would be better to keep my body fat at a constant level during my cycle, or to allow my bf to increase during the cycle, and then cut afterwards. I've read that some people prefer the latter. However, I'm worried that if I cut after the cycle I will also loose a lot of muscle. Has anyone tried both techniques? Which one make the most gains in net?


I am not a complete expert, but I have had experience with both methods and my goals ath this time, the traditional periodization of bulking and cutting works the best for adding the most muscle mass in the shortest time possible.

Granted after I joined here my periods of bulk and cut have changed in that I start my bulks at the lowest amount of bodyfat possible and will maintain the cycles until I reach the level I want. Same for the cutting cycle.

However if you are say competing or plan to compete then the scenario will change. However I assume when that part of my life happens I will have enough experience of my own body to estimate the amount of weeks that I will need for cutting.


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Okay, I definitely won't lose the fat quickly post cycle. But I'm still wondering which among these options would be best:

  1. Eat so as to maintain 9% body fat throughout the cycle.
  2. Allow body fat to increase to as much as 14% bf during the cycle, and then cut back down to 9% over several months post cycle. [Wouldn't this likely also cause me to slowly loose muscle over those months?]
  3. Increase to as much as 14% bf during the first 8 weeks of the cycle, then during the last 2-3 weeks of the cycle (test-e at 500 mg / week), cut bf back to 9%. I'd have to cut my food intake back to very low levels, which I don't mind doing, but I'd be worried about losing muscle even while on 500mg/week of test-e. Is that a reasonable concern, or is it almost impossible to lose muscle while on steroids?

Thank you for the help.


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I would add that, while on AAS, your body will tend to retain more mass while in a hypo-caloric state. You can cut better, and faster while on than you can while off.

So my answer would be - You can bulk better and cut better while on a cycle than while off.


Why not just do a bulking cycle...

and later do a cutting cycle?


And why the hell are you afraid of 14% body fat?

This obsession with body fat makes me think "girl."


This lack of attention to body fat makes me think "fat ass".

But seriously, a lot definition is lost above 10% bf. Given my goals (and you're certainly entitled to have your own, different, goals), planning bf change is as important as planning to gain muscle.


Like mentioned above........the best would be a bulking cycle while on AAS......PCT, few months of maintaning...then another cycle on AAS of cutting. Should be a nice way to put on muscle, keep it and then lose the fat.



Like Craig says, concentrating on ONE aspect per cycle makes more sense. Overall though, since I and many others find it hard to retain the muscles after a while off a cycle, doesnt it make more sense overall to use a cycle to cut? You still get muscle mass AND lose a lot of fat - most of which is pretty much gone unless you pig out after the cycle.

"planning bf change is as important as planning to gain muscle." That certainly makes sense to me (if you goal is to look good nekkid)


Thanks, Good suggestion. I thought I knew enough about nutrition, but I am nonetheless learning things from those articles. Are there any other articles about nutrition that you'd recommend?


Go and read everything you can from John Berardi and you will know basically all you need to know.

I also agree with everyone else that you should focus on a single goal per cycle. I tried doing the bulk-with-abs thing for years until I gave up and finally started making some quality muscular gains.


Makes sense. But, given that I can only be on a cycle half the time, how can I make the most my time? If I bulk for the first 9 weeks of a cycle, and then cut for the last 3, will I do better than just maintaining my current bf for all 12 weeks?


Exactly what I said to him on my original post. Do the damm bulking cycle in the winter when you are covered and gain the most muscle mass. The water retention will make you look a little smooth, but it is not fat. Maintain. Then in the summer go into a cutter and watch your bodyfat melt. Maintain again. Repeat as many times as you want.

Each cycle you will be, if your nutrition is on point, lower than the 9%. I understand your logic, but if you are going to put illegal substances into your body might as well get the most out of them.


I am not Rainjack, but you are going back to the original problem. Don't bulk and cut in the same cycle...not enough time to properly do both.

Do them at separate times. Bulk and when PCT comes maintain...let your body stabilize for a couple of months and then decide if you want to cut or just bulk again.


Okay, I'll make this one strictly a bulking cycle (though with a clean diet, of course). Hopefully I'll stay lean, but if not, I'll work on that on a later cycle, or at least well after PCT. Thanks for bearing with my guys, and explaining everything.


Btw/ Cortes, I see what you mean about John Berardi...He sure knows nutrition, and explains it all very succinctly.


Great. Glad I could point you that way.