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Cut Diet Advice


just got a new personal trainer he has put me on a new diet to cut fat. does it sound right to you guys i'm not sure? (Cals 1,900) (Protein 266) (Fat 43) (Carbs 117). i am 6.2 210lbs 34% fat. any advice would greatly appreciated Cheers Jonny


What do your meals look like?

How do you know you are 34% fat? Have you EVER worked out? Have you RECENTLY worked out?


Well, I'm 6'2", was recently a fat 210, and I would guess my body fat percentage would have been more like 23-25% (if you think those bioelectrical thingies are accurate).

Regardless, 1900 cals should definitely be a caloric deficit for you, possibly up to 1000 cals a day if you're active, making it fairly aggressive. Eating that little might be a lot of work (I can't maintain it every day, that would be a 'low day' for me), but it will definitely work. And it's a bunch of proteing so no problem there (a common bodybuilding target is 1g per lb bodyweight).


i went to the doctor's about a week and got a skin fold test done it come out as 34.5%. that shocked the hell out or me he told me that if your over 30% your overweight. been only working out for one month. for meal it (cals 384) (protien 53.2) (fat 8.6) (carbs 23.4)


cheers man i thought it might be to low . but i will try it for a couple of months and see what happens. Peace jonny


BTW just to make sure I made the math clear, I suspect that your maintenance might be around 2900 if you stay active, meaning that 1900 cal per day would be a 1000 cal daily deficit. That would equate to 7000 cal a week, which would equate to a 2 pound per week loss. Which is on the moderately aggressive side for sustainable weight loss.


How many skinfold sites were tested?



he did 5 (Arms Waist Lower Back Stomach Thighs)


Unless he used those sweet new electro calipers that is a very marginal test.

But it really doesnt matter that much. You can easily use the tape measure and the mirror. I would also cut down on some of the carbs. But im not your coach so id talk to him first.