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Cut Cycle: Tren & Winny. Sides Control & Liver Support?

Im planning the following for a cut cycle

50mg tren Ace daily 6days off one
50mg winng daily half AM half PM 6 days off 1
100mg Test cyp 2x week
HGH 4iu day
HCG 25iu eod (Tren really hurts my nuts seems like hcg helps so thats why this is so high)
Anastrozle .25mg 3x week
Caber .25 3x week
Letro on hand if needed
10 week cycle
back to 200mg test cyp after the blast
Diet cut calls 10x bw drop carbs every 2 weeks
Keep protien 1.5g per lb through cut
Milk thistle, omega 3s, predisone, multi vitamins for liver support
Weights 45-60min daily cardio 30-45min daily 6 days week off 1 day

Goal strip off about 5-7% BF add some lean mass increase strength

Is this enough anastrozle and caber to keep sides down?
What can I add in to keep liver support up and make sure blood doesnt get to thick? AKA hemocrit…

Thanks bros

It’s all relative to your body but I bet that your caber dose is enough especially with the winny in there. Winny is supposed to have some anti progesterone effect so between the two you should be covered. However if you are at all concerned then vitamin B6 at 600mg per day has been shown to help lower the prolactin levels. If you read up the b6 is connected to kidney issues and some possible heart issues so only use it when prolactin is of a concern.

The 10 week’s seems long for any oral but I know you have the experience to make your own intelligent decisions. If you are concerned about the liver I have used TUDCA before and it definitely helped. I had a run of winny and I wanted to try the TUDCA but it didn’t get to me in time so I started without it. I started getting that lethargic feeling I get from orals after a couple of weeks and that’s when the TUDCA got to me. A day into using it I felt the difference my energy level shot up.

I have had a series of blood drawls and panels over the years. I forget exactly why the DR and I went through my old results but we did. She noticed the elevated liver enzymes on some of my panels, they were obviously the ones I was either on cycle or just off of. So she started asking what supplements I take and when she looked up milk thistle it actually came back on the hepatoxic list. It was way down at the bottom and I think it was listed as possibly hepatoxic but it was there. I have always used milk thistle but after that I totally switched to TUDCA. I have yet to get a panel done on TUDCA so I can’t say for sure which is better. Just something to think about.

As far as hemocrit issues I didn’t think there were any with tren or winny and your test dose is cruise or trt level. I think your ok but I am not a doctor and I am still learning stuff Everytime I do a search.

You guys think it would be ok to add some clen last 2 weeks as a finisher on a 8 week cycle or is that too much on the liver with the Winny?