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Cut Cycle & Thoughts


okay so my blast cycle is looking like:

Week 1-12 Test E (125 x2)
Week 1-12 Tren E (100mg x2)
Week 6-12 Oral Winny (25mg x2 ED)
Week 3-11 T3 (25mcg x2 ED)
Week 6-12 HGH Frag 176-191 (250mcg x2 ED)
Arimidex (0.5mg EOD)

Was thinking of adding cjc-1295 DAC but opted not too.

Currently 5 weeks in and and I am hot all day, sweat whenever I eat, drinking insane amounts of water, night sweats have my pillow and bed pretty soaked.
More aggressive, more easily annoyed from small things, some more detailed/more aggressive dreams, more fuller/harder look, no cough ever, super smooth pins, cardio has deceased, a bit anxious, super vascular, more confidence?superhuman feeling, strength through the roof, hunger is just stupid(it is INSANE so hungry like the need to eat not actually hungry, energy level decreased with t3 so taking a fat burner for energy/appetite supress...

Tried to get everything will keep updated if I remember more or things change