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Cut/Bulk With Tren A


Im doing a cycle in Mars, that means 3-4 months prior to the summer time. Im not sure if i should bulk or cut, Im doing tren wether i bulk or cut. Stats are: 25yrs 6’4 230 16%bf been lifting for 6 years. The option is, when my pct ends now in decemeber, to cut until mars, or just keep bulking and then do a cut cycle. My question is, APPROXIMATELY how much is the muscle gain difference between cutting and bulking with tren. Im going to be on a 300cal deficit. i know the question is hard to answer, but i just need numbers to make up my mind. Like on a bulk you gain 10lb of muscle, and on a cut like 5?

Appreciate any suggestions for what i should do and any advice.


I’m not overly experienced with gear, so take it with a grain of salt, but my understanding is that tren is fantastic for cutting fat while still building muscle. The usual cycle I’ve seen recommended is high tren and low test. Make sure you run a SABER with it to keep the tren sides down along with your usual AIs


Ye, my cycle will be Tren Ace 500mg EW, Test Prop 400mg EW and then im thinkning about adding anavar or winny. i cant really get my hand on Prami or caber, but ill have letro, adex. If im bulking im going to add Dbol, if i cut, var or winny


I don’t know your cycling history, or if you’ve done tren before, but my understanding is Tren is very very rough sides compared to most others. If you haven’t done tren before you may wanna hold off on the var, winny, dbol until you see how hard the tren fucks you up. If you’ve done tren before and tolerate it well or are able to get a hold of some caber than this will be less of an issue


Tren is extremely anabolic. I think you can bulk on it but when I ran Tren, I just couldnt get enough to eat. It felt like i was hypoglycemic all the time. The night sweats are bad and your scent changes, so if you have a significant other in your life, beware of that. Personally i lost a lot of fat on tren. Thats my suggestion to you.


I would bulk/maintain until then to keep all the gains you got from the cycle your finishing now. Then cut.

Tren is great for anything but cutting and strength are where it shines.