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Cut? Bulk? Strength?

Ok so my name is Daniel and I have trained off and on for a few years. I use to weigh 240 at 30+ BF% the lowest I have weighed is 147, today I weigh in at 170 lbs and prolly 17% bodyfat(maybe).

I am coming out of a relationship where I sat on my ass for the past year. During my lifting my weight under the bar has rarely gone up. My question is for someone who is skinny fat like I am would it be better to keep trying to gain strength, or should I cut or bulk? My body hasn’t changed a whole lot in 2 years(due to apathy) and I am just seeking some advice.

Here are some recent pics:

cut first.

you need to get that insulin sensitivity on track.

keep gaining strength and steadily get into better shape. Other then that clean up your eating habits.

If you’re so apathetic why should any of us care?

You need to show some consistent effort in the gym and in the kitchen. As a skinny fat guy you’re basically screwed, if you try to move in either direction you’re still gonna look as crappy as you do now. So read the stickied threads, clean up your diet and training accordingly, and give it some time.

clean up your diet. Don’t necessarily “cut” but clean up your eating habits and put some effort into the gym. Get to about 12% or so. Then start bulking. YOu don’t need to be under 10%, you just need to have healthy habits and get your insulin sensitivity back.

Yeah , cutting will waste a lot time. Start a clean diet and do some cardio as well. Keep pushing those weights and if you grow stronger then you´re doing the right thing .
17 bf you say ? Would get it around 10 or so like aragorn said and bulk with clean foods then.
Good luck !