Cut Back Cardio/Increase Lifting?

Hello everyone,
My name’s Justin, I’m 19 years old 150 lbs. 8% bodyfat, and frustrated about making muscle gains. A couple months ago I weighed significantly more (190) and decided to lose the weight cause I was at a high fat ratio and was out of shape.

Anyways weightlifting and bodybuilding forums are all over the place, and I’ve searched through them to find the right information. You can probably relate to how difficult it is to find a consistent message on most forums, but this seemst to be the best one so far. I want to gain muscle, and I know this entails fat gain as well usually.

Here’s my question: should I cut down my cardio, and increase my weightlifting? Or keep my cardio the same and increase the weightlifting too? My cardio is at about 30-45 minutes of running every day except sunday. I have read the Massive Eating articles and the Seven Habits.

I’m thinking I’m not eating enough. Should I try to massively increase my eating to compensate for all the running, or should I cut down on the cardio a lot and focus on weightlifting and eating? I promise I tried finding similar information, but I had a hard time finding a related post. I apologize if it’s a blatant re-post…

2 choices eat more for the activity or lower the activity and eat the same