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Cut and Bulk Advise (Really Needed)

what bulk should i be aiming for, i am 158 pound now.

should i set a bulk target e.g 200 pound then cut. Or should i bulk for 2 month and cut for 1?

i only started workin out 6month ago but im only just getting into it now.

please help me out.

Plus, will people please post their workouts so i can get an idea of what i should be doing. :slight_smile:

Go LONG term bro that yoyo shit dont work you just pack on a few and shit all or most of it off. Just keep working hard and gaining dont let it get crazy out of hand and stop when you are past your goal and will be happy at the physique you have when you cut down.

That may be YEARS of adding mass prior to a real cut to Low BF this stuff takes time, and commitment and hard work