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Cut 20 Pounds, What Next?


Ok so I've been unsatisfied with my body for all of my teenage life, and I fooled around on various programs and diets, but never really got serious about it until 4 months ago when I buckled down and went full force into training and dieting.

I want to now get even more serious about improving my body, I need to know how I should proceed as far as diet, routine, and direction (keep cutting or bulk?). My goals are to just be lean, be strong, be healthy, and be fit.

Here is my progress:

Before Pictures:



After Pictures:





Stats Before:
Age: 18
Weight: 174 pounds
Height: 5'10

Stats After (4 months)
Age: 18
Weight: 154
Height: 5'10

-6 meals a day
-at least 128 ounces of water a day, no other beverages
-Eat only the purist, most organic and natural foods possible (ie. no factory made crap)

-Dextrose/Maltodextrin (Post workout)
-Little bit of creatine
-Multi vitamin
-Fish oil
-Flax Seed
-Vitamin C
-Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Meal 1:
1 Serving Oats
2 Scoops Whey

Meal 2:
1 Sweet potato
1 Chicken Breast Serving

Meal 3 (post workout):
2 Scoops Whey

Meal 4:
2 Salmon Servings
1 Peanut Butter serving
Leafy Green Vegetables

Meal 5:
Leafy Greens (spinach, collard greens)
Flax seed/fish oil/borrage oil (variations of EFA's)

Meal 6:
Cottage Cheese
An Essential Fatty Acid

-2000 Calories
-At least 1-2 gram of protein per body weight, probably more.
-Carbohydrates only in the first 3 meals, and only fiborous, slow digesting ones
-Essential fatty acids in last 3 meals.

I NEVER cheat. Ever. I have stuck to this diet with no cheat meals for 4 months.


I don't really have a good routine, right now I am doing a workout that the Army made to prepare people for Special Forces training, here is the link, it is essentially a bunch of hiking, running, pushups, pull ups, and situps

So Finally, my questions are:

  1. Should I cut or bulk?
  2. What weight lifting program should I be on?
  3. How could I improve my diet?
  4. How many calories a day should I be eating? I'm not sure on this one.


What are YOUR goals?



It doesnt matter what everyone on Tnation says...its about what YOU want.

Who cares what guys on the internet think, do what you want. If I was you though, id gain some weight....a buck 50's pretty light


If you are planning to move to India and become a long distance (Boston Marathon) runner then cut 20 more pounds. If you interested in becoming bigger and stronger then you are going to need to bulk. You don't have a bad shape, but you are little (size wise). If I were you I'd be eating, eating, and then eating. Your goal get to back to 174 with lean muscle mass.

Just a guess but your going to need to consume around 2800 cals a day. Cycle carbs. Workout with weights 5-6 days a week. Get serious about it. Forget all the special forces training, bs. Just my 2 cents!


It's actually really simple, I'm your height and am at your starting weight. Double the serving size on everything you eat..You eat really clean so do not worry about fat gain. Do that WHILE training hard in the gym and you will be putting on some muscle. Pick a body-part split program that has you in the gym 5-6 days a week if your serious about looking muscular and athletic (4days on 1day off is good).


shaking head.....LIFT HEAVY WEIGHTS AND EAT 5000 CALORIES A DAY....u want to cut a shrink away to nothing??!
dude, an "athletic, fit look" is a lot of muscle mass covered by little bodyfat....you need to build a shit ton of muscle before you will ever achieve your goal...heavy deadlifts and heavy squats should be your first priority. Get those numbers up and you will get bigger...post your current workout routine and you'll get some help


Well, your hair looks a lot better. It's a decent cut. I agree with what V9 said. This is assuming you want some mass on ya.


You should cut. Like, at least 80 more pounds.

And hold a shoe the next time you post a picture.


Now you need to gain some muscle. Go at it.


You went from the chubby kid to being in what looks like good shape. Nice job. Since your here though I assume you want to be more muscular. I think you know what you must do, Luke.


Also is nobody going to comment on the bulge censor?