If one wants to bring back a non-sheduled drug from Mexico (or anywhere else for that matter), should it simply be declared at customs?

I am thinking in particular of a trip to pick up some Clomid (which I undestrand is not a controlled substance). If I stick to the 90 day personal supply rule, it seems that I should be able to walk right through. I have declared antibiotics this way in the past and never been hassled. Anyone suggestions?

It really depends on where and how you cross the border. Most entries into the U.S. via airport involve a more rigorous customs process. With these, it is probably a good idea to declare non sceduled items. Worst case, they confiscate your goods. If you are crossing by foot, say at TJ, you can usually walk right through after declaring your citizenship. During busy periods, they almost always wave people through with minimum interest. However, looking non descript is a big factor. If you are some huge guy in gym attire, it tends to draw suspision. Customs agents are operating on a profiling agenda.