Customs Question

I was just seeing if anyone knew anything about customs between canada and the U.S.

Would MAG-10 make it across if it was mailed to me here in the states? Or would customs people open the package and then check it against a list?

can someone please give me an answer… i only have about 4 hours to make a decision

nobody has a clue?

I get clen in all the time from the states into Canada. They even check it and it still gets in. I can’t see why the MAG-10 would be to much of a problem.

It’s a steroid now. You could go to Jail for many years, and grow a widened sphincter.

You can’t even get DHEA in Canada. That is treated the same as roids.

You likley have about a 50% chance of it making across. A buddy of mine tried with some fina pellets sometime last year. They didnt make it.
If customs grabs it you will get a seizure letter telling you they found it and your address will likely be blacklisted.
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You Canadan Bro’s misread the question.

He is looking to get MAG-10 into the states from cananda, not the opposite.

geez. I had no idea so many of my canadian brothers were illiterate.

Come on now… im not illiterate, I just cant read.

Sorry about the misinterpretation of your question. From talking to a few people lately that do ship back and forth across, it sounds like a product like that has more chance on getting to the US than it does making it into Canada. As to what may happen if US customs seizes your product I am unsure.
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I’ve had problems getting stuff from Canada. It could be just cause I have a black listed address but even things that have a full written prescription didn’t make it. From what I heard, because so many people are trying to get their meds cheaper by ordering from Canada, customs are really trying to crack down on it.

i dont know much about canada to us import but with MAG-10 if its the original liquid just pour it into a cough syrup bottle or something, or if caps a big vitamin E tub i can’t see why that would be a problem.