Customs Letter w/Order Still Inside

Anyone here ever received a customs letter inside a package with half the order STILL inside?

Maybe they only decided to seize certain parts of the order. Customs are hardly infallible

True. I thought it was really strange though…

just don’t claim the other half of that order…

I’m sure you knew that already, but just making sure.

Maybe they were tempting/teasing you lol…either way sounds fishy.

Be careful.


The address may be flagged now. Keep that in mind for the future

Thanks for the replies guys. God I hate throwing out this stuff… it’s great.

OR maybe only half the order was sent - by the seller. That is very common to reduce package worth and physical size and weight.

If customs were going to seize any they would take it all - i assume you had a customs letter inside saying they checked the package and had to open it, not to go collect the rest?