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customs in Australia

A friend of mine imported a supplement which he didn’t know contained yohimbe and sent it to my address to save himself embarassment as it a sexual product. Customs seized the product and are taking him to court. I have recieved warnings from customs in the form of letters whereas my friend who has never done this before or even know what yohimbe can do is being prosecuted. Dumb us, we gave a taped interview as we percieved we did nothing deliberately wrong. Can t-maggers unite to help a fellow t-man. Any advice?
The product called Magna-Rx never listed its ingredients now we are in trouble. This is rediculous!

You might want to contact media outlets, it is possible a journo might take up the story. The aim would be to highlight the stupidity of being charged for trying to obtain a natural herbal supplement that it is sold in health food stores and supermarkets in other parts of the world that have less dracionian supplement laws. You should gather evidence showing how it is a relatively safe substance, certainly much safer than the booze and cigarettes that anyone over the age of 18 can consume freely down here. Sometimes public opinion can make beureaucrats back down, and convince judges to hand down lighter penalties.
If you get busted for stuff like this it is always best to seek legal advice before making a statement. I remember reading somewhere that most of the info used in successful drug prosecutions was obtained from the defendants at the time of their arrest, before they had a chance to speak to a lawyer.
Good luck, I wish I could help more, this kind of thing really pisses me off. Some of the criminal shit some assholes are able to get away with fairly lightly, thanks to judges with their heads stuck up their relativist assholes, and you guys are in trouble for bringing in a fuckin’ herbal supplement… un-fucking-believable…

Perhaps you can get some mileage out of the fact that most times for a first offense they simply seize the product.

I ordered some Hydrooxycut (with Ephedra) once and got a letter to say it had been seized. I rang them and tried to say it was only for personal use and should be ok yada yada yada. All to no avail… eventually I said ok can I send it back to the manufacturer then. Answer No, not only can you not import it you can’t export it either. So I had to kiss goodbye to my dollars. Lesson learnt.