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Customs Has My Gear


i just got a letter from the post office that they have my package. ive never had to deal with something like this before. if i dont pick up the package can i still be arrested?

  1. Don't go get it.
  2. If it was alot they may stop by. Politely decline to answer any questions without an attorney present.
    This can make you think you'll look guilty to them but who cares. It is your right to show them ID and tell them who you are only. When they ask a question just say, 'You know, I never answer questions without a lawyer'
  3. Perhaps you should call one or at least know of a good criminal attorney in your area in case. You can call Rick Collins and if he knows of a guy in your area he'll tell you.
  4. Unless it was a lot you should be fine.
  5. About how much are we talkin here?


Can everyone PLEASE stop answering and indulging this 16-YEAR-OLD's questions about gear?


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I say if your dumb enough to use gear at 16 you deserve to go to jail just on the principal of the matter.


I agree with Bushy, the kids in a jam! Get a Lawyer, ASAP, and keep us informed.


First off the letter then sent you is to advise you it has been siezed, they will offer you an oppurtunity to recieve your goods but you have to show documentation that it is legal for your intent and purpose, Which it probibly is not.

They might make another chance at delivery to your address in which they will ask you for a signature of reciept, DO NOT DO THIS !!! Within minutes of signing for your package you will be raided by DEA and customs, They will try and charge you with delivery and or recieving a controlled substance by mail. They will try to nail your ass.

If you are stupid enough to sign for the package, be prepared for the whole good cop bad cop bullshit. When it goes in front of the judge they will have the charges trumped up to the equalivent of possesion of a synthetic narcotic, delivery of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, depending on the amount.

You could probibly ride it out and keep post poning the hearings but I would recommend you get a good Attorney, one who deals in this, do not opt for the public defender, he's the equalivent of a piss stain on a jail house toliet.

Oh, By the way good luck



That is one cool avatar!

Too bad about your choices going south. Try no gear next time.


Sorry, I don't live here so I don't know everyone's history. Pankie, if you are 16 I gotta tell ya, you're a bit of an idiot.
DO NOT USE GEAR! Play a sport, get a girl, have fun, train hard and AVOID GEAR. It can bring you down. Gear is for older guys who have a legitamate shot at making money in a sport. Or older guys who want to feel better and know how to eat and train NATURALLY.


Poor kid...No offense but I just can't bring myself to have sympathy for ya...I would say you're too young to be messing around with that shit and most likely haven't trained nearly enough. Ah, the stupidity of youth...

But the advice given is good. Get a lawyer. Don't go pick the package up and maybe it will just get sent back.


I am unclear as to whether you recieved a standard USPS note telling you your package has arrived, or whether you got a note from customs saying they intercepted your package and have confiscated it until you show proof of legality to obtain the contents of the given package. If it's the latter, then don't go near it, but if it is just a notice of arrival, then your probably in the clear. They aren't going to stake out the Post Office 24/7 hoping you'll show up.


Good point. It could just be a notice saying he got a package at the Post Office depending on how the other guy sent it.

What's the note say?


How can this guy be 16 and have a job in "Law" already?


guys if i was 16 i wouldnt go to jail. im 18 almost 19 and it was not much at all. id say about 800mg oral in all. but i'm not sure what the goverment calls a lot. its going to be fine. i had talked to the post office and they just said it was a large package that they didnt want to leave outside because there was nobody home at the time to sign it. thank you all for your help.


yes i am in college at ASU and will be going into ASU law.


Ok, I am just gonna go ahead and call shenanigans on the whole thing. It just dont add up to be truthfull to me. In the name of the thread it says "customs", in the post it says "post office", big difference. Then after being soo afraid of being arrested he calls the post office about this package just hours after starting the post. Sad attemept at attention IMO. I could be wrong but it just doesnt add up to me. Thats just my 2cc.


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Well...that's all well and good but something still tells me that this kid should be no where near gear...


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Speaking from experience, you will recieve a letter from customs telling you your stuff has been siezed and it is at the post office. Now you have to make a choice according to the letter determine whether or not you really want it or they will destroy it.

All forgein mail and parcels go to a specific sorting area prior to being shipped to the proper region in the country. From there they send the parcel to the regional depot and that's when they send you a wonderful greeting letter.

I figured I wouldn't have a problem getting stuff either considering my brother is a post master at the local Post office but it doesn't work that way. He explained it to me is that when its intercepted by customs it is intercepted prior to reaching his station