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Customs = disappear

A friend of mine ordered some nolva and clomid at crazy low prices from overseas to test the reliability of an online source. The first order came in no problem, the computer showing only stopping at customs for ? a day then at his house the next day. Next order was placed for some amps which were stopped at customs and have been showing there for 6 weeks. The source sent out another order of amps to a different address with a different return address, also stopped at customs, these were concealed in a different manner. The source then tried again to send them in the original packaging and they were stopped again. No letters from customs to either party, just tracking is showing them still at customs. The source sent several tracking numbers from other buyers that are amps in original packaging and placed inside a bag that are making it through the same checkpoint with the same return address. They are only dealing with $60 worth and the source has sent three packages without asking for any more money so I don’t think he is trying to scam my friend. He’s now trying to send $60 worth of clomid and nolva in the original manner with different addresses just to make the deal good. What do you guys think is happening? He is still getting several packages through the same checkpoint with the same return address.

Somebody in customs his getting his juice for free.

pretty soon he’ll be getting his anti e’s for free too

Personal opinion, I would stop having stuff sent from this point on. I do think it’s weird that other packages are still going through, because if the first one that had been stopped was found to contain amps, they would have put your name in a computer database so that all future shipments from overseas Any shipments from overseas to that address will be stopped and searched. At least… that’s what they did to me!!

Listen, basically shipments could keep coming from overseas regularly to that address and you’re just pushing the luck until one day they show up at your doorstep. With that many shipments stopped, even though no warnings were sent, I think they’re a lot closer than you may think. For example, whenever I or anyone I know has recieved a letter from customs, it had not been printed and sent until several weeks after the incident (slow, that’s the government), and if during those few weeks of wait if they detained yet another package they would feel more confident that they could really bust the guy rather than just sending a silly letter that goes to most offenders. Just a thought.

Anyhow, don’t wait for the “smoking gun” that customs has indeed caught on to you before you stop ordering juice overseas. A “smoking gun” is one that has already been fired.

Thats what I tried to tell him, but he won’t listen. I’m not worried about them showing up here, my name nor address is on any of it. Too much risk for me. Thanks for the input.