Customer support : 2 good 1 bad

Maybe it is because was the only kid, but when I decide, I need/want something I want it NOW! The June 2nd I decided to purchase ?The Secrets of Game Speed: Deceleration Method? video by Bill Parisi and Martin Rooney, and a Shoulder Horn.

I proceeded by going to the Shoulder Horn web site and ordering the horn. I then went to EFS?s site to order the video. Crap, I saw it was on a 2-week back order. Clever engineer that I am, I figured that I could order the video t directly from the Parisi Speed School.

Going to the Parisi site proved a boon because not only is it informative, but it indicated that they had the video in DVD format (EFS only sell the VHS format). I ordered the video and started looking out my front window for the delivery trucks. The next day Martin Rooney emailed and left a voicemail, apologizing that his Web monkey jumped the gun, and since the DVD was in the production process, it would not be available for 1-2 weeks. He gave me an option of getting the VHS format immediately, or waiting a couple of weeks for the DVD. Although my CNS was already overloaded from having to wait one day, I prefer DVD?s so I told him that I could live a few more weeks of being slow at slowing down.

A couple days later, I noticed that my credit card was pinged for the Shoulder Horn, but I did not get a shipping confirmation. I emailed customer support asking about the order, next day with still no response I left a message on their voice mail. Yesterday (June 10th), still not having any idea when my shoulders would start their renovation I called again, this time actually speaking with a human. He told me that he would check into it and call me back. As of today, he has not called back.

During this time, I was one of the lucky people selected to be T-Jack reviewers. The review is due June 15th, so because of the above experiences, and not wanting to miss the deadline I PMed the T-Jack Admin asking for a tracking number. He responded indicating for me to send an email requesting the number. Brandon responded with the numbers within 30 minutes of my request.

The above are two good and one bad customer service stories. T-Jack is one heck of a program, ?Try it ? Review it ? Keep it?, (if only Playboy did that!), but since Biotest handles the shipping of the reviewed products, I wonder if we could start a thread detailing fitness equipment customer service stories, both good and bad, maybe calling the bad story threads ?GotJacked?.

Sorry for the long of the post, but jealousy of the staff?s blogs made me do it, and my brain re-indexed several times during the process of writing it.


T-Jack sucks - I haven’t gotten “Jack!” Just kidding, guys.