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Customer Not Always Right!



Those of you who daily deal with the public one-on-one will appreciate these gems.
Here's an example:

[i](I work in healthcare and am talking to a man in his fifties who is having angina for the first time.)

Me: "You haven't had a heart attack, but this pain is probably coming from your heart."

Man: "But I'm only 50-something and there are no heart problems in my family. Why would that be?"

Me: "You smoke 30 a day and drink 2 cartons beer a week. That's not good for your heart. You should think about cutting down."

Man: "I'm sick of you people telling me that bulls***! It's a scientifically proven fact that smoking makes your arteries smaller, and drinking makes them bigger! If I keep drinking AND smoking, I'll be fine!"

Me: "That's not at all how it works, but I see I'm not going to change your mind. You'll be going upstairs soon."

Man: "I want to go out for a smoke!"

Me: "That's really not a good idea..."

Man: "What would you know?!"

Me: gives up[/i]


You have no idea how many conversations I have had with people just like that above in the 14 years I worked in an ER.


You should go to the site and read the others. Amazing the degree of ignorance, stupidity, and ego-flexing that goes on!


I once had a 21 year old male dying from cirrhosis of the liver from drinking a case of beer a day since he was like 16 years old. He refused to quit drinking and would come into the ER vomiting blood from his esophageal varices, which is what eventually killed him.

Sorry ID to depressing for me, to many bad memories.


Damn. I understand.

But a lot of the entries on that site are people calling tech support, waiter/waitress stories, and retail customer stories. Funny as hell!


Okay I am checking it out then.


One of my friends worked as IT guy for a health care center, so he would be assisting doctors, nurses, etc.
All his tales were just too funny.

He should submit them on that site.


This couldn't happen, right????
That... that can't be real.


I think most of those are made up stories. Some are probably true/based off of true events but they are exaggerated for teh lulz


^ welcome to denial, it isnt just a river in Egypt


Oh, you'd be surprised.

When I was younger I worked in a cinema and I saw some things that made me lose hope in humanity. Who, in the world, can forget his little girl inside the cinema hall and just leave?


Easy to do if you have a few kids.


Customer: ?There are lots of different kinds of quilt fibres. Which kind is best??

Me: ?Well, generally natural fibres are best. Wool is particularly good. It?s warm in winter and cool in summer. Plus, wool is fire resistant.?

Customer: ?Well, now that I think about it, I?ve never seen a sheep on fire.?

Damn, that one made me laugh.


I've had a couple good ones. In the summers when I'm not at work I sell pools (its seasonal work so it lines up with time I have available to work full time). Now, I have found out that nobody in the WORLD wants something for free more than old white people with money, if even the slightest thing goes wrong they will bitch and cry and ask for hundreds of dollars off their bills, etc.

So this one woman ordered a pool and it came in late by a week or two so we tossed in a free solar pool heater (a long piece of coiled black pipe that the water flows through and gets heated up by the sun essentially). So all was well and we hadn't heard from her in a few weeks but then the weather became cloudy for about a week and a half and she called up yelling and screaming we ripped her off, the pool heater was broken etc. etc.

I tried telling her that it was because it was cloudy and she was just absolutely convinced this device with no moving parts was somehow broken. After listening to this pool induced bout of psychosis I just told her we'd send someone out to take a look at it if it wasn't working on the next sunny day. Never heard from her again.

This wasn't me but we also had a woman who was adamant that the water in her pool was 'filled unevenly'. Turned out whoever she had install her pool didn't level the liner so the pattern on it was uneven.


The average person is an idiot.

The most you realize this is true, the less annoyed you get with stupidity.


Technically sushi isn't raw. Its cooked by freezing.


The stupidity of people in health-care situations is truly astounding, there are more than a few reports of people exploding their own dumbasses trying to smoke with their oxygen on.


That's one of my favorite sites for the lulz. I think I found it 2 or 3 years ago. I found it especially funny back then when part of my work had me taking technical support type calls.

Another site I like for laughs is this one:


Actually, sushi is rice. It can have cooked or uncooked meat in it.

And good sashimi is not cooked or frozen.


It's now 5 minutes after reading this, just stopped laughing...