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Customer Loyalty Incentive Idea


Has anyone ever suggested some customer loyalty incentives from Biotest or T-Nation? Maybe something like keeping track of all orders and giving customers points for each purchase or dollar amount spent. After so many points are earned the customer can receive a free item? I think this would give folks even more incentive to purchase Biotest supps in bulk.

Mod Thoughts? User thoughts?


I have to agree with you. Of course I tend to side with all other hog fans. LOL.

Good idea.



There already is an incentive system in place, the prices on Biotest products here are generally lower than they are elsewhere. If a product works well there sould be no need to incentivize loyalty beyond the incentive offered by results.


I agree. The biggest incentive for me continue purchasing Biotest products are yhreefold:
1. They are of the highest quality.
2. They are at a fair price.
3. The sales of said products keep this site FREE.


Good points all. BUT, I wouldn't mind getting a free t-shirt or a bar or two thrown in every once in awile. (Yes I've gotten the bars, but it'd be cool if I continued to get them tossed in there).


Rather they kept the money and continued improving/making better and better products.


Lets see...there were the free Grow! bars, and there will be 100 lucky peeps to try the new Anaconda supp for free when it comes out.


Past freebies that I can recall:

1) HOT-ROX water bottle with a puchase of HOT-ROX.

2) Alpha Male T-shirt with a purchase of Alpha Male.

3) Box of Grow! bars with any purcase over a certain dollar limit that I can't recall right now.

4) The forum poster of the week/month used to receive a free bottle of classic Grow!

Free equipment I've had the privilege to review:

1) Accelerated Sports Healing CD from the Hypnosis Network.

2) Kettlestack

3) BNS Wrist Roller Strap

4) Fat Grip Heavy Handle

And to top it off my customer ranking is a pathetic #1,585.

I'm also anxiously awaiting the Anaconda trials but Tim probably wants subjects that fit the same profile as the MAG-10 trials (experienced steroid users) versus joe average weaklings like myself.


Crap! I forgot all about that stuff! Yeah, anyone remember all the free stuff through...I forgot what it was called, but you got to review it and keep it.


That would be the T-Jack reports.




I have to agree with you Sully. There isn't too many sites out there like the T-Nation that are free!!! Especially a site that has so much, so much variety, top notch writers, good products..... Damn life is good!!!



How do i get on this privelaged list of testers?

I'm not trying to say that this website isn't an incredible value. I'm not sure what I'd do with my day if it weren't for this website....errrrrrr.... I guess I could work.

Anyway, the incentives were just a fun idea. I'm trying to incenuate anything negative about the price or quality of the products or the website.

Thanks for all the input.


I wouldn't mind seeing a price break for bulk purchases. For instance if you buy a case of Metabolice Drive instead of just one or two units.


Wha? What's that supp you suggest? Is that a fish oil? Well...now onto a visit to my friend...."search" button.

And thank goodness for the free site. I dont know what I would do without T-Nation. But it certainly works for Biotest's advantage too. Their great articles and poster's insights convinced me to try Biotests supplements. I havent looked back since.

I know initially, if I had to subscribe and pay for this site, I wouldnt have coughed up the dough. Then no buying their supps...blah blah blah..and the story would go on....