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Custom Upper/Lower Split: 5 Days in a Row?

39 yrs old, 5’9, 158 lbs that’s shifted to ring training 3 days a week along with light (20-30lb) resistance band work for curls, raises, pull aparts… Been doing this for 9 weeks now. Problem is I haven’t been doing lower body work. I train on the rings during my lunch break at work. I would like to start training lower body at home on Tuesday and Thursday. I have a full rack and bench at home in the basement. Reason I workout at work is I’m full time Dad of 2 lil ones during the day and work the night shift. My question is this… Would yall advise against 5 straight days and only rest weekends? Or could the 5 straight be doable as long as volume is kept under control? I’ve read a lot about CNS taxing and the opinions of many on this, but am hoping someone with similar experience can share the dos and don’ts of 5 days straight of training. Thanks in advance for your time and responses. Brian

Some people can train every single day, and recover.

Start somewhere that seems reasonable, that might even seem under-stimulating, and progressively add onto that. Once you aren’t able to recover, that’s a workload that is simply unsustainable for you, so dial it back. And tweak from there.

Try it and see what happens.

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