Custom T-Shirt Idea

I thought of a cool t-shirt but don’t really care to “run with it” so anyone else that wants to can.

I think it would be cool to have a t-shirt that on the sleeves (where the peak of the bi should be) was a tape measure (both sides) as well as on the waist-area of the shirt.

then in the middle it would say “How big are You?”

instead of ordering it in the typical s/m/xm/l/xl fashion you could get it custom made to your size. so you could order it like this:

Bi: 18"
Waist: 32"
Shoulder-to-Waist Height: 3.5’ (total guess)

I thought of this after my chest/bi workout where my shirt fit differently at the end; as well as the shirts at home that have a large “area” of unused space between my waist and chest.

yeah, and you could call it a guido-shirt! :smiley: lulz

[quote]novocaine wrote:
yeah, and you could call it a guido-shirt! :smiley: lulz[/quote]

Lol it would probably sell pretty well considering the number of douchebags around.

You’re going to be rich!