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Custom Shake Guidance


First of Id like to say that we cant get MAG-10 or anaconda in beautiful Australia.

So Iv done some research into Pepto pro. Now the question is. Im going to take this shake during training. peri style

20g pepto pro
10g citrulline
5-7g beta-alanine
5g creatine

Should I also take 30minutes before training more citrulline, beta-A and creatine (same dosing) to get it all into the system. It will be mixed with a cordial/squash for flavour and carbs.

Does this seem to be a good idea or am I overlooking something?


looks really good to be honest, nothing that hasn't proven worthy, though you could lower the beta-alanine dosing to 3-5g.


that is going to taste like dirty anus...


Iv used casine hydro before, a real nasty form. That tasted like anus but I got used to it after the first kilo. The pepto pro website said there product is tasteless. Iv never used the citrulline before does that taste bitter? I guess there is only one way to see how it goes.


Hats off to you then my friend, wow. I tossed mine after one "shake".

LOL, me thinks they be lying through their teeth, but who knows.

Good luck man. I hope it works out for you and I'm wrong about the taste.


Thanks mate. I'll let everyone know how it tastes when I get it all.


may want to add some leucine to it


I just started a mix of

15 mins pre:
30g carbs from WMS
10g PeptoPro
6g Leucine
6g Citrulline Malate
6g Creatine
2g Beta Alanine

and during:
3 TBSP Gatorade mix
24g BCAA (plus Glutamine and Citrulline Malate)
2g Beta Alanine

And yes, it pretty much tastes like shit. But I'm going to give it a test run.


So I recieved my box of goodies today.

Everything mixed really well together. Could not be happier.
I took Biotest Power Drive 30 minutes before workout.
Ended up with around...

25g pepto pro
10g creatine
5g beta alanine
10-15g citrulline malate
and a scoop of powerade/gatorade powder.

Tasted fine. Kinda like a weak lemonade.

I didnt add leucine because it does not mix well in water and taste like rectum...

Im getting back into training after afew weeks off over Christmas. So have been sore. First time I'v hit legs, this year, hard. So tomorrow I guess I'll find out if it worked.

Over all I say it is great. Untill Biotest gets anaconda and MAG-10 into Australia I'll keep using this protocol.


How would you know what dirty anus tastes like...?


Crystal Light (or the Walmart equivalent) should be a staple when working with custom CH, CM, BA, etc. mixes.

If you have the option, choose a flavor for your custom shake where you can easily find similar flavorings from the above to help augment it if you don't feel it is quite strong enough.


I just get it unflavored then add Crystal Light.


The Mixture without flavour had a slightly bitter taste. Not strong, could have easily drunk it but was just nicer with the lemon/lime gatorade. Not to add the added "wank" factor of the eletrolytes.