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Custom PWO Formulas


since i live in the uk, Surge is unavailable reasonably and i have decided to design my own mix... here is what i have in mind for post workout:
7% L Glutamine
60% Maltodextrin
33% Whey Protein Isolate (NZ)

and for pre-workout:
10% BCAA
4% Guarana Extract
66% Maltodextrin
20% Whey Protein Isolate (NZ)

please all let me know what you think and recomend any changes? i will add creatine post, but do not want it in the shake for when i have to train multiple times per day.



I like to add vitamin c in with my post workout shakes. Easy way to get an extra half a gram, and what better time than PWO?


I take 1g in the morning... cheap and seem s to help some, so i don't complain.

does no one have any thoughts on this otherwise at all? does it seem like a good formulae? i'm particularily concerned about the pre workout one, since there is plenty of information on what to take post, but as for pre - there is less about.

thanks again,


Why do you say Surge is unavailable reasonably in the UK? You can buy it off the Net and it's no more expensive than other descent recovery drinks?



We pay at least twice the T-Nation price here in Australia but it's still worth it.