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Custom Pre Workout Drink


Hey guys,

I don't ever post here but looking to change that. Pretty tired of all the lamers over at BB.com.

I'm not gonna get into a lot of detail such as my stats, diet, etc. I mainly just want to know what everyone's thoughts are on a custom pre workout mix I'm putting together as I am TIRED of buying overpriced pre made supps that always have non enough of something I want, or contains something I don't want all together.

My main goal is body and muscular energy along with muscular fatigue fighting.

Here's the mix:

Caffeine Anhydrous Powder - 300mg
BCAA Pharm Grade Powder - 10g
Beta-Alanine - 3g
Taurine - 2-5g (depending on back pumps from AAS use)
B-Complex Powdered Vitamin

What are your general thoughts on this? Anything you guys think might be good to add?

I get face bloat and stomach issues from ALL creatine and I honestly don't care for arginine as I have never noticed any physical difference in it and it tends to break me out.


citruline malate

1,3 D

and maybe something like huperzine for focus

also EAA's or a hydrolyzed whey or casein or just leucine would probably be better than BCAA's.


Thanks for the reply!

I have had pre workouts with citruline malate in them but it's always hard to tell with those blends what you're feeling effects from. Have you used it in a solo capacity?

You may be on to something with just using leucine instead of BCAA for pre workout. What would you think for a dosing going that route? Maybe 5-7 grams?


citruline malate i've used two different products with it and the similar thing i felt between the two was a sense of being "fresh"... i cant think of a better word to describe it really. i would go with 2 grams CM

leucine at least 10 grams


id add in 500mg-1g ALCAR and 1g tyrosine for focus, if youre after that.


I like it, but why do you need the caffeine and Taurine? I like the Beta-Alanie and BCAA's. B-complex never hurts.

Your still get adequate protein right? How's the carbs pre-workout look?
Chad Waterbury actually suggest that carbs pre-workout maybe more Important that post-workout carbs. Well Maybe not more, but he really really likes pre-workout carbs.

He said in an article when he is getting someone shredded that he will knock post-workout carbs before he would pre-workout carbs.

I wouldn't suggest this. I like post-workout carbs.